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Does anyone know if herbal supplements are tested for in monitoring programs for health professionals? Things like kava or kratom. I am not in a monitoring program. I'm just doing some research.


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Uh, I would avoid that kind if stuff, there are stories of false positives, and monitering programs do not look kindly in the concept of false positives.

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If you even have to ask about it, it's probably prohibited. if you'd really like to chance it, make sure you've got another $1000 for an "evaluation."


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I took GABA GABA and melatonin. Kava had so many reports of liver damage.


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Awhile back, I needed minor surgery and to aid the healing process (as well as preventative in the future) I was taking 11 nutritional supplements. To get the most benefit, some of these supplements required 3-4X a normal dose of supplement. All of them are naturally present in the body, so I thought they should be ok.

I updated my med list with my case manager, with all these supplements along with regular daily meds. I remember the phone conversation with case manager and got the impression false positives are very very far & few between. Her attitude was pretty much, 'I'm so sick of people thinking everything will produce a positive.'

Yet, look at all the times we hear about or ourselves do have a false positive...

I'm sure you already have, but a few hours on google mite give a somewhat informed answer. Hope you're able to find what you'r seeking...

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Personally, all that I put in my body (liquids) is H2O, seltzer H2O (avoid all tonics), coffee and almond milk. Why chance any of it? I certainly wouldn't trust any case manager involved in any of these scenarios...they do not have your best interest at heart.

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Considering that supplements are still not regulated by the FDA, even though many have been tested and found to contain viagra and SSRIs, I would not chance it. You don't know that your supplement isn't laced with something.

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Kratom is going illegal in many states. I look for it soon to be added to a drug panel test. I think we are months away from it.

Georgia will decide in January whether or not to add to schedule 1. Six other states have already done this. Ohio is close to schedule 1 as well.