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Dosage Calculations


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Some of the info you don't use. You need to do the conversion lbs to kg as the problem states 0.02 mg per kg per 24 hours.

Patient weighs 35lbs so divide by 2.2 to get kg = 15.9

Now take 0.02 mg multiply by the 15.9 = .318

It is asking for dose b.i.d so divide .318 by 2= .159

Round to .16

I use one formula for all of my math calc and found this to be the easiest. Remember you are always gonna solve for the unknown, so for drips this is what you do

120 ml = ml

------ -------

60 min gtt

cross out the ml and then you have the gtt/min.

60 min = 120 gtt

60 min = 120 gtt


60 min

= 2 gtt/min

I hope this helps


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The problem with using aouvdopios grains, minims, ets is there is a gap in the numbers. Grains can be 60. 62 or 65 mg. Miniims can be 15 or 16 drops. The you have those silly oz, scruples, etc. With the funny emblems; i wish they would just fly away never to be seen.

Thanks! I am gonna need all of the help that I can get.


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I'm not sure if I am doing this right...can someone please help me out??

Here's the problem...

Ordered Dilantin IV 375 mg now and then 50 mg/hr cont. infusion. It comes mixed in 1.5 Gm Dilantin in 1000 ml's NS bag. How many mg's per ml is in this mixture?

How many ml's per hour will you set the pump for the first NOW order/dosage infusion?

What will you set the lockout on the pump for the first NOW order?

How many ml's per hour will you set the pump after the first NOW infusion has infused for the next ordered continuous 50 mg/hr?

What will you set the lockout on the pump for this continuous infusion? (remember to calculate the original NOW order volume)