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OK, it's not a feather boa.... but she does have clothes on!!

This is Miranda showing off her new doggie sweatshirt a few months ago.


Sarah, RNBScN

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KC Chick

How did you get your dog's picture below your name? As I mentioned earlier, I am new to this and still figuring out how to post and such. Would you be able to tell me? Must sign off and run Abby before work. Take care.


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MY DOG IS JEALOUS would you stop showing off your dogs and their outfits?

We have a black lab. Used to have a yellow one too but she is holding a seat at the kibble table in the sky while she waits for the black one.

Our kids used to try and dress our labs but I gotta tell you I think labs are gorgeous but boy they are not the sharpest tacks in the pack. They would always try to "nest" in the clothing they were wearing. Too funny to watch, kinda like a dog chasing their tail.

Anyway, nice pics thanks for sharing!


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Originally posted by Spazzy Nurse

I used to work with a woman who had a Weimaraner (I think that's what it was!), and she had a calender that had a warped, human-like picture of one on every month. I don't remember who made the calendar, but it was hysterical!!!!

My children watch Sesame Street and they have Weimareiner's dressed in people clothes doing people type things. It is funny. And there is a man doing the voice.



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this is missy, she's 3yrs old, a pound puppy. St. Bernard and Border Collie

Sarah, RNBScN

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Missy is adorable. I used to have a bassett hound named Missy - in my younger years....thanks for sharing your picture


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sorry I didn't get back to you sooner about the pic under your name.

I'm really no good at telling people how to do stuff like that. You might want to PM OBNURSEHEATHER. She's really good at computer stuff.


Sarah, RNBScN

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thanks kc chick for getting back to me

i will check with obnurseheather

have a great weekend

one more shift and i am off til monday...


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I'm just starting my work week tonight.

Fri, Sat, and Sun every week. Wish me a good one!

Good luck with the pic.


OK...Now my dogs are jealous and want to wear clothes, too. Trouble is, they want designer stuff, nothing from WalMart.

I have two Giant Schnauzers who are brothers. All black, and each weigh about 130#. "Max" and "Rommel". I *LOVE* dogs, but along w OBNURSEHEATHER can't stand cats.

I will try to get a picture on here. They are sooooo cute! GS are really smart doggies and very loyal and lovable.

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