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I'm trying to find ways to volunteer in my community (Seattle) as an RN, and I'm finding it surprisingly hard. The jail, the needle exchange, and a public health clinic have already said they have no volunteer positions. I have my own and just want to get out there and nurse for a good cause. Does anyone have any ideas? Not necessarily Seattle-specific, just places they've found that need volunteers...

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Can you believe it?

I've offered to volunteer at the Humane Society (no response), a religious-affiliated thrift store(said they didn't need anyone), and offered free babysitting at the Salvation Army to anyone poor who was needing childcare to go look for takers..........


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Try some of the no-kill shelters run by private organizations. They ALWAYS need volunteers to walk dogs, pick up poop (not as yucky a job as you'd think), play with the cats, put fresh paper and water in the cages, etc. I've volunteered at this type of shelter now in 3 different cities. Just show up -- they're often too busy to answer the phone. They'll put you to work.

They really need people to help keep the animals socialized so they are good adoption prospects...and you can do it with friends or family, tends to be very nonstructured work.

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I know what you mean.

My child's school asks for parent volunteers at the beginning of the school year. I volunteered a few hours in the a.m. as a "health room volunteer" ( yes, this is what they call it) as this school does not have a school nurse.

I was told I would have to take a "course" Which is fine, I don't have a problem with that. But, it's now October. I have yet to hear from them.

Maybe it is because I am a RN and they are looking for lay volunteers?

Oh well, they are the ones that need the help.


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Can you paint? :)


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Our "free" clinic is ALWAYS looking for volunteers. Look in your yellow pages to see if there are any clinics like that. Also, check with some of the local churches. Many have nursing clinics that are open for parishioners, that are staffed by volunteer nurses. Also check with the American Diabetes Association. Many times they have opportunites. Your best bet to work as an RN is with the free clinics or churches. Many hospitals are always looking for volunteers, but you would not be able to help as an RN. Let us know what turns up. The opportunities have gotta be there!


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As I recall, the American Red Cross does not collect blood donations in Seattle (I think it's the Puget Sound Blood System that does it), but perhaps your local blood bank needs volunteer RN's for blood drives.

There is also the Northwest Medical Teams group if you're interested in volunteering internationally.


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Wow..I would think these organizations would jump at what you offer. Our newspaper has a section that ists volunteer opportunities in my community so there is always a need in my parts...the Women's Shelters, various charity organizations, soup kitchens here always look for volunteers. Churches run free or low cost clinics and they use nurses; I used to volunteer at one.

Habitat for Humanity will almost always put you to work--they don't require you to be experienced or have tools, just show up willing and at least somewhat able!

Food pantries sometimes take on volunteers.

I think sometimes the difficulty in finding volunteer slots is a combo of sensitivity to exposure to liability and the seeming increase in the creativity of miscreants lately who ruin for us all.

Your heart is in the right place. Keep looking. Someone out there is looking for you!

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