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Does it sound like I got the job (according to interview)?


...if they smiled and told me my answers were good, discussed pay, benefits, starting day of orientation, and that they would call and schedule a tour of the hospital next week? What percent chance?


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sounds very positive! good luck!

Sure sounds good to me when they're talking about orientation, pay, and benefits. I'd be pretty disappointed if I was told otherwise after this buildup. Good luck.

in my experience... congrats. if they arent going to hire you they go into the thanks for your time we'll be contacting people in a few days... load of poop! they as much said you got the job.


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In my experience employers don't generally go into compensation and benefits if they're not interested in hiring you. Good luck and let us know how you make out. :yeah:

ChristineN, BSN, RN

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Sounds like you got a job to me too! Be sure to let us know!

nkara, CNA

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I'd say that's a thumps up! congrats! :yeah:


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Sounds good, but in my experience, they do it for all the interviewees. Wait til you get the phone call or letter before you open the champagne - sorry to be a downer. Keeping my fingers crosssed for you though.

Similar thing happened to me - they sounded just like you described, but no definite answer. I was so bold that I said "Can I sign something now to make it official?" and they just laughed and said "Oh, you have the job!" A moment of bliss! I hope you get the same moment!

Sounds like a thumbs up up to me too! That is how my interviews went, and I was offered the positions.

CrufflerJJ, RN

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No guarantees, but it certainly sounds good. All bets are off, however, until you receive the job offer. I've gone through a number of very positive sounding interviews, where pay/benefits were discussed (though not the starting orientation date), but receive a "sorry, but we don't love you" letter or phone call a week or so later.


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