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  1. chexycat

    Med-Surg experience good for MICU?

    Ditto... I am a new grad starting my ICU internship. It's like anything else you have to put in what you want to get out. I know I am in for a long hard ride, but am willing to take the good and the bad~please, let there be more good. I decided to pass on the Med/Surg experience, and am willing to work for what I want. It's important to know and be honest with yourself too.
  2. chexycat

    I need help making a job decision....I'm a nursing student

    I agree with the others. The job closest to you, because skills will come. I was "just a tech" during school and it was a great experience. The nurses pulled me in to observe as often as they could.
  3. chexycat

    Does it sound like I got the job (according to interview)?

    Sounds like a thumbs up up to me too! That is how my interviews went, and I was offered the positions.
  4. I sent my thank you notes to the HR recruiter and the two managers. I put in the manager notes to please pass my thanks on to the staff that also attended. I would call HR and get the other names if I were in your situation. good luck!
  5. chexycat

    I just got hired in an ICU!!

    Congrats! I feel your joy!
  6. chexycat

    Night Shift? When do you exercise?

    I would highly recommend a yoga routine. There is am and pm yoga so depending on when you find your 20 minutes to put your exercise time in you can be assured of two things: 1. am- you will be energized and ready for the day 2. pm- you will be relaxed and ready for some sleep I highly suggest Gaiam- am/pm Yoga videos. Just google Gaiam. As Iheartadvice stated, get some walking into your schedule too morning or evening to add to your cardio side. Cheers to your health!
  7. Dekalbs new grad program is closed at this time. I believe the fall is the next round. Piedmont has the waiting list open. Try Atlanta Medical Center and Grady. Make sure you go in person to both and meet HR and the manager of the unit. With all the competition out there you have to make an impression. Good Luck!
  8. chexycat

    Hi Fellows

    Congrats to you both!!!
  9. chexycat

    Atlanta area nurses...I need to vent!!

    Awesome TeeTee!!!
  10. chexycat

    Frustrated-New Grad relocated to Atlanta

    Congrats!!! Awesome news!!! I did get accepted a week or so ago to an ICU internship. That's what I was referring to as "pay off" in my earlier post. I am so glad to hear your good news, I have been waiting to hear how it was going! :) Awesome!!!
  11. chexycat

    I am an ICU Nurse!!!

    oops sorry~ I meant to quote SBRN01 not Cindy.
  12. chexycat

    I am an ICU Nurse!!!

    I am not sure if you were asking me for advice or others. Since there is quite a bit of time from now until you start, I would begin to review the body systems. Just ensure you have a good solid base to work up from. I am sure much of this will be refreshed in your program, but it can't hurt to be ahead of the game. Maybe even get a CCRN study guide. Review drugs common to the ICU. Again, I think any prep work to make you look sharp and on your toes can only help you. Good luck!
  13. chexycat

    Atlanta area nurses...I need to vent!!

    There is no element missing to her story. Most of the hospitals are hiring, experienced nurses. Minimum of one year in most cases but typially 2+ is what I have found. Positions that are not specifically posted as "new grad" spots will not acknowledge a newly graduated nurse unfortunately. Piedmont is one of the hospitals that requires a residnecy for new nurses. Tee Tee- It took over a month to get my ATT and I passed my boards in March. Since then I have really busted my backside to get my name, face and work ethic out there. I have finally seen light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there and don't give up. I was very close to jumping off the edge too. Persistence was the key to my success; I hope you find what works for you soon. It is difficult out there, just keep going. Who told you it would be difficult to transition from LTC into the hospital?
  14. chexycat

    Frustrated-New Grad relocated to Atlanta

    I am sorry to hear you are facing such difficulty. Unfortunately, you can't work as a tech if you have your RN license. What areas are you interested in pursuing. Alot of the residencies have now closed for May graduates. There are a few that will be posting this month. Since I passed my boards I have truly hit the pavement and it has payed off.
  15. chexycat

    I am an ICU Nurse!!!

    Congrats Cindy, I am a bit nervous too. Its been a few months since I have been in the hospital setting, as I graduated in December. Good luck, its gonna be so exciting!
  16. chexycat

    I am an ICU Nurse!!!

    I just wanted to announce, because I am so thrilled, that I have been accepted as a new grad for an ICU internship. I have enjoyed reading the posts in this section for some time now, and can't wait to contribute from personal experiences from this point forward. I am dancing for joy!!!