Does it matter if I have an AA, BS, etc to get accepted into CRNA schools?


i have a BS in sociology, and i'm planning to go back to school to get my RN degree. in the future, i will apply to crna schools. most crna programs want their future students to work in micu for 2 years or one year. does it matter if i have an AA or BS in nursing? i already have my BA in sociology, so i think it's unncessary to get another BS in nursing? am i right? should i just enter an AA program?


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i'm sure it depends on the school, but i've never seen a school that didnt have a BSN as one of the requirements


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Most schools Ive looked at require a BSN.


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Yes you need your BSN to get into CRNA school. Anytime you plan on getting your masters in anything you must have a bachelors. Hope that helps


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As far as I know, you HAVE to have your BSN to go to CRNA school, because it's a Masters program. No "outside" Bachelors matter, because they're really not related to nursing.

I may be wrong though, that's just what I've read. Good luck!


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a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science are very different. you would be wise to look into accelerated BSN program, I am starting from scratch since my BA is accredited with Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, which is not accepted at regionally accredited schools! so im going ASN, RN to BSN, CRNA.


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You need a BSN.


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You don't necessarily need a BSN to go to CRNA school. Some schools that don't offer the MSN will allow any bachelors prepared candidate that meets the other criteria.

MICU, SICU, CVICU, Trauma ICU are all acceptable for admission. Some schools prefer SICU and CVICU over MICU.


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I would check with the programs you are interested in applying to and see what their requirements for admission are. Good luck!


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Most, but not all require a BSN. Some will take a BS or BA in a 'related' field, but it is up to the individual schools.

I know of one in Georgia that does not require a BSN.

Duke Doesn't either:

If you have questions about particular schools you can research it here:

go to the 'Becoming an CRNA' then the 'Accredited Programs' section to research the schools you are interested in.

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BSN is mandatory.

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