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Does anyone use the cd roms that come with the book?

I can't decide whether or not to load all of them or not.

I can't decide whether or not to load all of them or not.

I used two of them; never loaded them (to save, and use up space) onto my harddrive, just used them as needed. I didn't use some of them at all; still sealed up in the book!


Specializes in FNP.

Last year, I found out that a few of our instructors used the questions on the discs for exams and quizzes... since then, I've looked @ them. And the Davis CD - so nice to look up drugs (depending on how you study) and especially when typing case studies and care plans with pharm details...


Specializes in Med/Surg, Dialysis. Has 5 years experience.

Sometimes I use them before a test (the ones that come with my text books), some of them have review questions for each chapter.

I will also be using the CDs that come with the NCLEX review book before I take the NCLEX, they have reviews and sample tests.

BeccaznRN, RN

Specializes in NICU, High-Risk L&D, IBCLC. Has 13 years experience.

I used a few of the CDs, mostly for the review questions. I used the heck out of the CD from my drug guide when I was doing care plans - I would cut and paste the info so I wouldn't be writing the same drug information over and over again with each new care plan.

My instructors pull some of their questions from the cd as well. I find them very useful.


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If any of the cd's have review questions, I do them religiously! I found a few questions always made their way onto my tests too.



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I'm using the one that came with my Fundamentals book to do NCLEX questions as I finish each chapter. And I have been told that both my Davis Drug guide and Mosby's will be handy for copying and pasting into care plans rather than typing all of the info.

I always use them, most of them are very helpful.

mom2michael, MSN, RN, NP

Specializes in Rural Health.

I always use them for the review questions - that is how I study for most tests. While our instructors don't often use our review questions from our books and/or CD's, it really does help me study.


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I always did the review questions and found that more than a couple made it onto exams. You never know where the exam questions come from and it would be a shame to ignore this resource - especially since you've already paid for it.


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Always do the review questions on the CD that comes with your book. Sometimes profs will use questions similar. It really helps a lot--we use them often--esp in med/surg


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