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Doctor Voicemails

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Why are doctors converting to a voicemail system rather than an answering service??? I can't leave a voicemail with any information more than general and what if its an emergency? I just don't think they should be allowed. Granted the majority of the doc's are not but the couple that are is frustrating.

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Voicemail systems for office practices I have encountered generally contain some verbage directing the caller who may have an emergency: either another number to call, or instructions to go to the nearest emergency department or activate EMS.


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It bugs me when I get an answering service--all they do is tell you they're closed. They don't tell the fax number or when they'll be back. A voice mail will at least give pertinent info, such as hours to reach them or alternate numbers to call.


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I think the OP is referring to calling a doc about a pt issue- I agree it's annoying, I usually just give the pt name and unit/room # and hope for the best. It's awful.

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Hmm - do you all not have a central physician service? I live in central IL and there is a central service called PALS - physician access line service which is run by the BIG hospital system. All calls for pts outside regular office hours go thru them and they have all the call schedules for all the practices and in-hospital call schedules as well. In our practice, most of us use our cell phones for ALL calls so that yes, if it goes to voice mail, its nice if a message is left but we just return the missed calls when we get a moment.


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We don't and have never had an answering service for physicians. They choose their preferred method of contact (cell, home phone, pager) and we have a list of their numbers and preferences. Most answer their calls, and for those who let the calls go to voicemail, I will say who I am, where I am calling from and when, and if it's a serious reason I will say something along the lines of "I have an urgent concern about your patient, please call me at # as soon as possible." With few exceptions, our physicans are very good about promptly returning phone calls.

As an office nurse and RNFA, I am the one answering those voice mail's. I do triage according to importance and also according to the time I have available. If I have only a min or two between my cases then I send the refills requested. I try to call back sick calls a soon as I can but some people are VERY long winded. My problem/request to anyone leaving a message 1. Leave ALL the information requested. 2. If its a refill don't call me to ask if its done before you check with the pharmacy, because now I have made 2 phone calls for one request and that time adds up. 3. GET TO THE POINT!! No useless information.