Doctor Smokes In Operating Room, Fined

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(AGI) - Frosinone, Italy, May 28 - An ear, nose and throat specialists working at the hospital in Frosinone, was surprised by the sanitary hygiene inspectors yesterday morning, smoking one of many cigarettes in the operating room, with tranquillity. E.G., estimated specialist, was fined, and had to pay 250 euros. The case caused a stir, above all because of the fact that there should be maximum respect in the operating room for those who entrust their lives in the hands of the doctors. (AGI) .

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how ironic it was an ENT. sheesh.

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FINED? I wish that were a typo, he should have been FIRED


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Only in Europe. Never happen here. Everyone smokes there.


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Not very professional :rolleyes: I was in Italy earlier this year and noticed that most of the population over there smokes (including most professionals) but you would think an ENT doc would refrain from smoking in the OR!


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What a dufus!

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Duuuuuuuuh :rotfl: :rotfl:

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had to be ear nose and throat too! the only thing that would have made this more ironic is if surgery was being performed to remove part of a cancerous lung!


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Hey Meridith, "EVERYONE SMOKES THERE". I hope your joking. I work in a hospital which has no smoking facilities at all for staff or patients. If I light up anywhere within the hospital or grounds I am fired, no questions asked. I would love to know where you get your information from?. Is there another " EUROPE" I havent heard of?. Do tell.


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:nono: That's just wrong.
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