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Doctor Derogatory Comments in the OR?

by Loveliest Loveliest (New) New Pre-Student

Im legit confused. I was talking to someone on TicTok (I know a great place to get info 🙄) This girl said that she is a nurse and is a witness to derogatory comments doctors have made in the OR about patients (assumming sexual because of the nature of the convo). She said you can’t report disrespect towards patients. Whaaa..? Has anyone had experience with this? (Im not a nurse. I’m still doing gen ED courses). I’m confused because even with my experience as a CNA I would report anyone who is sexually harassing a patient in front of them or not. I’m just wondering if this is really how it is...

23 hours ago, Loveliest said:

She said you can’t report disrespect towards patients.

She sounds very misinformed or simply not informed at all.

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Agree with JKL. However, remember that you are getting this at least second-hand. Have I heard comments by surgeons regarding things like patient size? Yes, but it's mostly in regard to needing longer instruments, longer trocars for laparoscopic cases, deeper retractors, difficulty visualizing, and issues with positioning. Anything that is flat out demeaning or sexual in nature can and should be reported.

FolksBtrippin, BSN, RN

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You can always report anything. There are things you should report and things you should not report.

You should always report patient abuse.

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I witnessed a surgeon and his first assist writing a silly quote on some mesh they implanted in a patient when I was a student observing in the OR.


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Was the patient conscious, awake?

hppygr8ful, ASN, RN, EMT-I

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No she was unconscious and the Dr. was heard to comment "I did such a great jop on this I think I'll leave my autograph.