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Do you regret clinic nursing?


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:loveya::) I have been fortunate in my experience(s) in the clinic environment.....I worked with physician and PA's, ARNP's that were eager to share their knowledge, expose me to new skills....and encourage me to grow. I left state due to family issues....although I left for the "right" reasons....I truly miss all those professional people who loved to learn and treated ALL staff with respect and courtesy. Another blessing....We PRAYED everyday, before the clinic opened...for our day...for our patients...that place was was awesome. I pray I find another clinic that has all these qualities. People truly cared for each other and our clients. If I could afford to go back--I would not hesitate. Very, Very rewarding at the end of the day.:redbeathe

Sounds like a fabulous environment to work in. I'm just curious, what state were you in?

riverview medical clinic....tri-cities washingon....(pasco-kennewick-richland). they are affiliated with "our lady of lourdes" hospital (ascension health). they now have grown two 2 clinics....outstanding place to be! if it were in the "cards" (financially) i would return in a "new york minute"!!! i live in murfreesboro, tn now. if anybody reading this post knows of a place in this area, with the same values and ethics...(in murfreesboro...i hate driving far to work)

please, let me in on the opportunity! peace of mind and the shear joy of going to work is worth more to me than any amount of $$$$ can buy. thank you for asking.:redpinkhe

I know this post is old, but I just discovered it. The posts I've read on here make me feel better. At least I know that I am not alone. I have been a R.N. for 2 years (minus 1 month) and have worked in 3 different areas. I started in Trauma ICU (mistake), then got moved to Med/Tele (ok but critical care is not for me). Then I did Med/Surg for 2 months and HATED it! For the last year, I've been doing home health, which I really like. I would like to eventually work in a clinic and enjoy reading the posts from everyone. I just discovered that there is a major hospital/medical school in my area that is hiring for clinic positions and only require 1 year nursing experience.

What should I say when asked why I've had so many jobs since graduating?

Thanks for any feedback.

Where are you living now?

tell them you havent found your "niche"...every nurse eventually finds it :)


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I worked for a (pediatric) clinic for 2 years and loved it most of the time. I quit to get married and they did not want to work with me. I'm also moving to a different state, but I'm trying to get a job in a clinic again. You cannot beat the hours. Most clinics are M-F 8-5, some have weekend hours.

I worked in OB for 6 months and Post-surgical ortho/neuro (the catch all floor) for 4 months. I just tell people I wanted a different area of nursing. No one has really questioned it too much. I wouldn't worry about having too many jobs. I think most people understand.

[My final goal is to teach nursing which I am currently in grad school for]