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  1. are n

    Not a New Grad anymore?

    stick to your job for at least 6months t0 a year then decide if you still want to change jobs. it's hard to get an RN job without experience. it's almost a year now since my graduation and have not landed any job as an RN yet. and i'm just one of the hundreds or maybe thousands of new grads out there who are jobless and already desperate and frustrated.
  2. are n

    Good website for learning procedures please?

    hi! do you have new links on these? i tried some of them and the files are not found anymore on those links. thanks!
  3. are n

    Nurse managers, i need a job!

    May God have mercy on us
  4. are n

    Do you regret clinic nursing?

    What are the specific things you do in clinic nursing? What are the differences compared to hospital duties?
  5. What is appropriate insurance for private duty nurses?
  6. are n

    New Grad RN-->No Jobs, Then what?

    which hospitals are currently accepting new grads?
  7. are n

    New Grad/RN Program in California

    which hospitals are currently accepting new grads?
  8. are n

    Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    where are all the jobs are?
  9. what type of professional insurance does one use in private duty nursing?
  10. are n

    New Jersey LPN license renewal question!!

    how does one get licensed in new jersey when one is licensed in cali?
  11. are n

    Cedars Sinai

    is cedars hiring?
  12. are n

    UCLA Strike

    when do u think will it resume?
  13. are n

    Pay per Visit

    how can one train for an OASIS?
  14. are n

    Pay per Visit

    which is better pay per visit or per hour?
  15. are n

    Private Nursing

    for private duty rns, do they accept new grads?
  16. are n

    New Grad/RN Program in California

    which hospitals have new grad RN trainings right now? when applying online, do i have to wait for an email reply or can i contact the hospital right away? are new grad programs in hospitals the only entry-level jobs for new grad RNs? what other options are there for new grad RNs? pls answer my questions. thank you in advance.