Do prereqs "expire"?

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I'm a returning student who hasn't stepped foot in college for about 7 years and I'm considering applying for the BSN program at our school. I was a biology major when I attended before, so I've taken most of the prerequisite courses already with the exception of A&P I and II, nutrition and a sociology class. I'm waiting on an appt. with an advisor, but was just wondering if any of you knew of the policies at your schools regarding how recently the classes needed to be taken. I'm very comfortable with the sciences, and had a high GPA, but I'm afraid it might hurt me in the eyes of the admissions commitee. They only accepted 60 of 230 applicants this year. I just hate the thought of wasting time taking them over. :o


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At my colleges, prereqs expire after 5 years. However, that's where I went to college.

The only way to know for sure is to make an appt w/ your nursing proram advisor.


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It really depends on the school. The school I am attending has no time limits, so everything transferred in. Another school I looked at had a 7 year time limit on A&P classes and 10 years on everything else.


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Our school has a 10 year limit on sciences but not the other stuff.


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depends on the school...i am just returning to school and all my credits were accepted..and some are 12+ yrs old!!!


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mine is 5yrs on sciences and everything else doesn't expire unless it has been MANY years


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WOW! You guys are fast with the replies! Thanks, and wish me luck...I should be getting in to talk to someone either tommorow or Friday. I was looking through my transcripts and some of the classes are 13 years old. Man, time sure does fly doesn't it?


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Good luck and WELCOME!!!!


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My pre-reqs counted and they are over 20 years old! But none of them were science.


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as stated previously, it depends on the school; math, as i understand it, has a time frame at some schools too.


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At my school, all science pre-reqs -- Bio, Anatomy, Physiology, Chem for Health, Micro and Pharmocology -- must be 5 years or less. As for the rest of the prereqs, they had better not expire. I am locking into another AA in June. Good luck! Please let us know.


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At my school, sciences expire after 10 years,(to include social sciences) all other pre-reqs are ok. I just want to know how to get credit for life experiences!

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