Do you like your job?


For all you PCTs out do you like your job? What is easy and difficult about it? Also, has it better prepared you to go into nursing?

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no and yes. no because of long shifts. crazt patients and night shift. yes for the grateful patients, awesome coworkers and amazing experience. If youre going into nursing being a pct is so rewarding and is so full of experience!


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I am a CNA in an assisted living and home care (combining the two).

I like the assisted living better, because there is more interaction with coworkers and there are more learning opportunities. The only thing that I don't like about the assisted living is that they host people who would technically qualify for nursing homes (eg. some of the resident's don't walk or move), but they don't have the equipment that a nursing home has. Sometimes I have to deal with 300 pound residents who can't walk or stand up, and are also confused, and I have to get them from a wheelchair to the toilet , to the shower, without any lift machines; i get someone to help me, but even so, we are more like improvising on our transfer techniques, and each such experience is an adventure, and my back hurts already.

Home care is easier, but if you plan to be an RN, you want something more active. I like my client, but I don't learn much on that job; every day I do the same thing, and there isn't anyone who I could learn from.


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I love my job working as an ER Tech because it provides me with so much experience. I see a lot of different cases, work side by side with RNs, MDs and RTs and develop many skills. It's the closest I can get to being an ER RN so while I am going through nursing school (I start in the fall) I can rationalize what I am learning and see how it works in real life. I don't mind working nights either because of the pay differential, the people I work with, and the lack of administrators haha. Some things that I don't like about my job are: 1. Not getting breaks when it gets super busy (but I know I'm not even close to being the only one that this happens too) 2. Ungrateful, rude, loud, belligerent and/or drug seeking patients (when are they ever fun?) 3. Working when we're short nurses (sometimes day and mid shift will take our travelers that are already scheduled and leave us short) among other things but I can't imagine myself doing anything else with my life.


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I LOVE MY JOB!!! Somedays are harder then others. I sweat a lot and sometimes don't have time to take a break because I have to have vitals done for the RNs distributing medication, however it is incredible! Nothing like successfully making an occupied bed and having the patient trust you when you get them up and walking the first time after surgery. Every day I learn something new. The toughest tasks will make me a better nurse and I love that feeling. I also love the patients with all my heart!!


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I would have to be honest and say for the most part I love my job. Just like any job there are some things that I could do without like being short. But when there is adequate staff I feel like I can do my job best. I know my responsibilities and like to get them done the best that I can . I feel when we work short I have to cut conrners and I dont like that. I like working with patients that are less furtunate and I like it when I can share some heplful advice with a patient. I sometimes have younger patients that are around my age that are really sick. I am amazed sometimes at how many young people get cancer. However I love when I see patients the next time and they are much better. I really believe that my PCA experience will help me with nursing school and already is. I will be in A&P class and hear about things and say oh that is why we do that? I've been in healthcare a long time and although it is tough I really cant see myself doing anything else. I't is trully rewarding!!!!! :w00t:

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I love my job. I work through a registry at an hospital as a CNA on sitter cases. While the pay is not great, I get to chose my hours, the hospital setting is very professionally run, I get to learn a lot and I am getting acute experience - which is a great resume booster.

I enjoy providing 1 on 1 care to patients in a variety of settings from the ICU to oncology to acute rehab to medical to med-surg!

My first job as a CNA (and in health care) was working in a skilled nursing facility, and while the work was full time, and the pay was $1-2 more per hour, the environment made me question whether I wanted to work as a nurse.


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I just applied for a PRN position as a patient care assistant. I hope to get an interview for this job because I had to leave my wonderful nursing assistant job for school this semester. I miss it so much. I was working on Antepartum and Post partum and I loved it. I hope that this job will chose me and work well with my school. I would like to work evenings and weekends only part time. I have been to so many interviews this summer (over 5) and filled out so many applications (over 60) and so far it has been a night mare. At the interviews ( 3 at clothing stores and two at local hospitals) I was offered jobs for four of the jobs but they 3 wanted me to quit nursing school and work full time as a manager or assitant manager at their stores and the other one that seemed like a perfect schedule gave the evening shift to someone who wasn't in school, but was interviewed first and wanted me to work 7-3. I really want and need a job. I don't want a job that I will be miserable in and I don't want a job that would try to talk me into quitting school. I need prayer!


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I'm not a CNA, but I'm a surgical aide and work mainly in pre-operative care/post-operative care and love my job! I just found out I got accepted to a BSN program and am excited to incorporate what I've learned. I will say this; it is HARD. It is no joke one of my main duties is transporting patients from the surgery floor to the pre-op unit and I have been afraid my feet were bleeding from walking. The nurses are low in staff sometimes and some (but not many!) tend to be grouchy. Some surgeons are bossy and yell, some anesthesiologists like to have everything done their way or the highway, but in the end, as long as I have done everything necessary and in my will to help the patient and the patient is happy, then I am happy! I love helping with a pre-op procedure, and if it ends up being discomforting for the patient, it is nice to know that I am there for them to advocate and share their feelings while the nurse/anesthesiologist performs the procedure. I feel as though it has! I have learned to transport patients, prepare IVs, learn about hospital standards/protocol, communicate effectively with both patients and professionals, learn about medications, and the various factors that can all influence patient care outcomes...the priority for nurses to make positive!


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I am so nervous. I just got a call from the hospital that I applied with for Patient Care Assistant on a Med surg floor. They want to interview me tomorrow. I just don't want to screw this up. I don't know what to wear. I just want to be presentable and have a great interview. I need to make a good impression. The floor that I would be working on would be a med surg floor. it's a small hospital and I brand new. It is close to where I live. Everything about it is perfect for me. The position is PRN. I am nervous. I am freaking out! I really want this!:bugeyes: Help anyone I need some advice!


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HealthyFuture congratulations!!! I can definitely relate to you. When I got the call asking for an interview as a surgical aide I was intensely excited!! I just wore a nice button up shirt and khakis (I'm a guy). Just take a deep breath. The clinical managers/administrators remember what it's like to be a student, PCA, or PCT. They will ask you some questions to see if you have what it takes to be a good PCA. You may or may not get an offer on the spot. Never the less, it would be a good idea to write a thank you letter to your interviewer. Just make sure to relax and act confident, and express your desire to learn! You will do fine!


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I am so excited. I went out today and bought me an interview attire. I felt that it was definately worth it to look and feel brand new. I am looking at interview questions tonight and I just want to be prepared. I have not shared the information with anyone except you guys because I don't want anyone to worry me about it while I wait to see whether or not I am getting hired. I was called for 3 different interviews tomorrow but this is the only one I truly want. I am afraid that they will take too long to get back to me and one of the other jobs will offer me a position before. I pray that God will help me through this stressful process I know that he didn't bring me this for to leave me now. I really want this position!!!!!!