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I hate being a Tech! We're under-rated, don't get much respect for the ***t load of work we do AND we're not appropriately compensated. I can't wait to become a nurse! Maybe I'll have more job satisfaction and RESPECT from the care team.


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RShieldsSN14 Sorry to hear that your co-workers don't appreciate your work. Even if my coworkers don't specifically tell me (they usually do though), I work hard and feel like I make a difference. They may not show you respect but I bet that they would certainly be complaining if you weren't there doing a lot of the work that they ultimately responsible for.


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I'm so glad someone asked this. I REALLY like my job however there are days that are really realllllllllllllllly tough. I just go home so tired. The 12.5 hour shifts are rough but I will get use to them and I have gotten some great benefits from just being there. I work on the cardiovascular ICU floor and I LOVE IT but it's hard, and as the nurse who floated on my floor the other day said..back-breaking work. I'm NOT KIDDING. Total care, new heart, can't use their arm patients. Last Saturday I probably sat down like only once the whole 12.5 and it seemed like at times I was the only one up and in and out of every room. I went home and cried but it's just because I need to get use to all of this! I like my job though and glad I was blessed to have it.


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Ive grown frustrated with my job. It should be the ideal place to learn and I was excited when I started. Its Med/Surg and has Telemetry patients and even some pediatric patients. To be honest were too busy to learn anything new. We do 12 hour shifts which are exhausting. If the patient census isnt high we are called off or sent home. Which means we basically either are running our butts off all shift, or we dont work, so there are never any easy shifts. Our worthless union has it set up so you will always get called off before a CNA whose date of hire is earlier than you. What this means is I can get called off 4 shifts in a row if im scheduled with someone who is even slightly senior to me. No spreading the pain around at all. As a result you have a few people who get steady hours, and the rest of us get shafted.

We dont do blood draws or EKGs or any remotely invasive care, and there is zero opportunity to learn those skills on the job. No in house training and no chance for advancement. I live in an area where there is no chance to get phlebotomy or any other training unless you are in RN school, and the waiting list is long for the only one within reasonable driving distance.

I live in a rural area where jobs are scarce, so its either this job or some horrible LTC care job(been there done that, no desire to do it again).