Do you know any Nevada employer who can petition me for H1B Visa?



I am a registered nurse from the Philippines.

I will be taking my NCLEX exam soon...

I want to work in Las Vegas but I don't know how to get a visa.

Can anyone help me? Give me an advise please.

If you know any agency or employer who's willing to petition Filipino nurses.. please let me know.


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you might need to make this a long term plan to get to nevada. they are fifth in line as hardest hit state by us recession. new nevada grads are not finding positions: why won't anyone hire new grads?

all the info you need re us immigration is found at top of forum in sticked threads. must read international nursing topics - all users please read

your dream will involve several years of waiting as over 1 million in line to emigrate to us and limited visa approved each year: visa bulletin for july 2009

best wishes in your journey

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take some time also to read the forum here on the state of NV and you will read some posts of new grad rn educated in their own state and still cant find a job

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The major source of income in most hospitals in Medicare. Starting this year Medicare has level funded meaning they are not allowing for hospitals to increase fees. Most hospitals are looking to reduce costs. Many are laying off stay and not giving raises. It would really hard to justify the cost of recruiting foreign nurses when there is no need.

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yehs14, do you qualify for the H1B? Are you a specialized nurse with a lot of experience in a specialty area?

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