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  1. You don't need hospital experience when applying for BST training in Lung Center. You just have to: 1. complete the requirements, 2. go to the nursing office, 3. submit requirements, 4. pass the medical exam, 5. pay for the training. Yup. they gave us hand outs.
  2. You better accomplish all the requirements ASAP because they will limit the number of trainees for the next batch. I paid 6,500 exclusive of medical fees and uniforms. You will gain more experience and confidence when you have your training with them.
  3. yehs14

    Training on Dialysis

    Hi. I'm interested to have my dialysis training. Is nephro center manila accepting HD trainees? How much is the training fee? How many months? What are the requirements? Thanks!!!
  4. Im currently having my training here at Lung Center of the Philippines. I think you inquired late. They have another batch of trainees, in fact they had their orientation today. You must submit your requirements ahead of time. The next batch will be on August already. You will definitely enjoy your training at LCP. ALL HANDS ON! You will be able to perform the duties of a nurse (but you have to work with the STAFF NURSES for you not to commit any errors).
  5. We had a meeting the other day, they said they will be limiting / reducing the number of trainees for the next batch. However, they didn't announce anything about being finished screening new applicants. You should try to call them. Even if I want to go to the Nsg Training Office to ask them, I can't coz I have a hectic sched. Duty almost everyday. Sorry.
  6. It won't do you any harm if you will bring your BLS certificate when you pass your requirements. And I think it is really required. I will have to check on tuesday. I'll get back to you.
  7. HI. I am currently having my BST Training here at LCP. So far, I am having the time of my life! They are all very accommodating. About your question on IVT. What they will require you is to have IVT & BLS Cert. & ID card. Even if you got your IVT training from other hospitals, they will still accept it as long as it is still VALID. I had my BLS training at Heart Center. :) IVT training in Muntinlupa. Just complete all the requirements, pass the medical exam, and then you will be asked to pay for the BST Training :) thats is!
  8. yehs14

    National kidney transplant institute

    They will not accept you if your BLS did not come from PNRC. They are really strict with that.
  9. yehs14


    Do they regularly get volunteer nurses? what are the requirements? and how long before you will get a schedule of duty? THanks~~~
  10. Hello guys. Any update on hospitals that are accepting application for nurses, trainees or volunteers? Is Fabella hospital still accepting applicants? I've heard that hospitals in TONDO regularly accepts volunteers? Is this true? Which hospitals in Tondo accepts trainees? THanks!
  11. yehs14

    RN Grads turning Nursing Reviewers for local board

    Shouldn't they have at least some units in Masteral before they can be lecturers?
  12. yehs14

    how long to get a CES report (CGFNS)

    CGFNS will not accept ANY documents that would be coming from you. They will only accept documents directly sent to them by your school. If your document is already in English, you don't need to send them certificate of accuracy.
  13. yehs14

    National kidney transplant institute

    Hello fellow nurses. Are there any previous NKTI BST Participants here? Can I have some feedback if the BST Program a good deal? 1. What are your experiences during you BST? 2. Do they absorb nurses who perform well during their training? 3. Can I really get an edge or use this BST as an edge on applying to other hospitals? I wish someone will answer my questions. I am planning to attend the BST but I really don't know what to expect from it. Thanks!
  14. We just went to Medical Center Manila and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital --- BOTH are FREEZE hiring. Potenciano Hospital - they have opening for staff nurse (You must have 80% and above board rating to qualify) Infant Jesus Hospital (Manila) - is also accepting applicants. Again, you must have 80% and above on your board rating.
  15. yehs14

    Need help on CGFNS-CES

    Hi. I think your school made a mistake. I think CGFNS was referring to the form you sent to your school (the one that your school should fill up and the school should also indicate the dates that you were with them). Maybe there was a discrepancies between the entries made by the school and the dates on your TOR. Check your TOR and ask the school what dates did they put on the form. They should be the same on the dates indicated in your TOR. CGFNS are really strict on these dates because they were counting how many years/months did you attend college.