Do most jobs send a rejection letter after interview or just ignore you if you

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don't get the job?

I had an interview, was called again for a follow up walk through, shadowed staff members, etc. and was told by several staff that the walk through pretty much means you have the job when you get to that point. I was told to call this week if I didn't hear anything back. I did. No one returned my call. The website job bulletin was changed today saying that the job is no longer available. I'm afraid I don't have the job now.

Do most hospitals send rejection letters or just ignore candidates this late in the game? I feel terrible.


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that sux, they were not proffesional with u at all, and u should say something.... like i was intererviewd and then with no kind of an answer no one called me like they couldnt even say something instead of keep u thinking... u know


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I don't know about the walk through thing. I have been taken around a building before and have not gotten the job. I never received a letter of rejection before either. I generally just get no reply at all.

Not very considerate, certainly...just my past experience.


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I had this same thing happen to me except for the shadowing part. It was a great interview and I felt they really liked me, the recruiter said she would call me either way. They never called, and wouldn't even return my phone calls and took the internship off the website. I believe this practice is extremely unprofessional, even McDonald's will send you a rejection letter...

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Very rude, but I doubt many people get notice of no offer. Hope you find something that suits you very soon.

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My experience is that generally they do not notify you. I did have an interview, it went so-so and I was not really that interested in the job after I found out more details. Therefore I basically wrote that one off. Then out of the blue six weeks later the supervisor emails me and asks what day can I start. ***? I declined. I have no desire to work anyplace that is that loosy-goosy about stuff that they would let a candidate dangle for 6 weeks and then expect to have a person leap at the chance to work there. Just a FYI...that position is still open 6 months later. Gee, I wonder why....not!

Then on the other hand I got a rejection letter one time that was dated the afternoon of the same day I interviewed and told me that I no longer qualified to be considered for the position. I called to get some feedback because that phrase threw me for a loop. I had no intention of arguing or pleading for a reconsideration. I honestly wanted to know why I had become unqualified. My only response was a little laugh and a statement to the effect that everyone was told that.

Personally I would appreciate an email stating we have filled the position with a different applicant. I always did this when I was doing the hiring. People deserve to know one way or the other.


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That is really unprofessional of them. I agree with the poster that said she wouldn't want to work somewhere where they behave that way.


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I don't know about the walk through thing. I have been taken around a building before and have not gotten the job. I never received a letter of rejection before either. I generally just get no reply at all.

Not very considerate, certainly...just my past experience.

I also had a walkthrough of a L&D unit during a second interview. At that time I also got to sit down and meet with several of the nurses on the unit to see if I "fit in" with the unit and I still didn't get the job. I only found out when I called a week later to inquire about the job and the manager told me that I was the L&D nurses first choice and also her first choice but the director of the unit wanted to hire someone with NICU experience. I was soooo disappointed!!

I think it all depends on the organization with which you are interviewing and the human resource personnel who work there. Some of them act in a professional manner and some, alas, do not.


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It's an Employers Market, even though it is inconsiderate and unprofessional in my opinion, it's a sign of the times and it sucks. Out of the thousands of jobs I've applied for since Feb 2009 - I've received two emailed responses. Two.

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I interviewed once for a research job and felt it went well. I was told "we have a few more to interview and we'll let you know in a week or so." Three weeks passed and I mustered up the courage to call, even though I figured I did not get it. The woman told me "Oh, yeah we hired someone with research experience that you did not have." Well, thanks for letting me know!

Another time I interviewed for an ICU position at a sister hospital within a system, again the interview went well. I had a peer interview and and a second interview. NM was interested in hiring me since I had a good deal of critical care experience and would need minimal orientation. Then a week later human resources LEFT A VOICE MAIL saying the position was filled by another candidate. I talked to a friend who worked PRN on that unit and said that the other nurses told the NM they wanted me, but I guess my NM told HR she didn't want to release me. She had a lot of turnover on her unit and didn't want another person to leave.

Anyways, you're probably better off if the HR department doesn't have the professional courtesy to at least let you know. I'm sorry you feel let down, it does suck to think an interview went well then be blown off like that. Good luck and keep trying.


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i had a similar experience, i hit it off with the charge nurse interviewing me, she called HR in my presence and told them to have me come in and fill out needed paper work so that i could start the job, about 2 weeks went by and i heard nothing back, i called the nurse recruiter, she basically said they were still interviewing but the job had been removed from their website. So what i did was get the email from the card the interviewer gave me, i reminded her who i was and i pasted a copy of my resume' b/c i felt like it was the nurse recruiter who let things fall through the cracks. About a week later, i got a call from the recruiter offering me the position, which i took. Try contacting the floor leadership

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