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  1. wifey08

    How can someone even be like that?!

    Are your parents supporting you and providing endless funding for your multiple majors? If not, then don't worry about.
  2. wifey08

    Plus Size scrub advice

    I ordered a bunch of Cherokee Flexibles when I started my new job and I have the same complaint. I wear an XL and I admit I have extra junk in my trunk and I'm embarrassed to say that I literally split my britches in 2 pairs in less than an month th...
  3. wifey08

    Specific Heat?! Please help!!!!

    SH = HEAT/m x (T2 -T1) This is the formula. Hope this helps.
  4. wifey08

    IF I had any idea

    I went to community college for 7 years! I some how managed to **** away the same amount in Pell Grants, that I currently OWE in actual federal student loans. I wasted 2k at a trade school after high school. I failed out of community college one y...
  5. wifey08

    Do you have a back up to Nursing?

    I have my BS in Business/Marketing Comm. That's my backup if I don't get into the Nursing program. I'm trying to get a position in Healthcare Marketing right now. I have zero work experience in the healtcare field and it's HARD out there, but I k...
  6. wifey08

    Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants

    I have chem this term, and A&P2 next term and then I can apply. I also need to take the TEAS, after chem I heard was the best.
  7. wifey08

    Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants

    Thanks csab - that makes sense.
  8. wifey08

    Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants

    Woooh now I'm confused. Do you have to apply to each and every campus you might want to attend? So say I want to apply to Lawrence, Muncie and Anderson, do I submit an application to all 3 schools?
  9. wifey08

    Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants

    i felt the same way at the info session:banghead: i attended in march. it seems that the program director needs to announce in the beginning that if you have personal situational questions, see them after to talk about your personal situation or set...
  10. That's my post. I was adding a reply so it would get pushed to the top. Thanks.
  11. wifey08

    Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants

    I went to the info session in March 09 and I plan to apply in April 1st, 2009 deadline. The RN program starts in the Fall 2010. You are correct - there are no Spring 2010 RN program, that's just when you APPLY.
  12. wifey08

    To all Ivy Tech graduates..

    That's hilarious because there huge billboard that says
  13. wifey08

    Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants

    Anyone know when the next Ivy Tech Anderson Nursing Advising Orientation is? I searched the website and nothing. I plan to go up there on Monday to find out. I already went to one, but it was alot of info and I'm sure things change and I don't wan...
  14. Anyone?