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DNR? Why not?


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I feel the same way you do. I don't think anyone in their right mind would like to live longer if they need an NG. I sure wouldnt. I admit I do have a tough time with death even if death is the best thing that could happen to them, and at the time I feel like I want them to come back, but that is really an unmerciful thought for me to have. They are suffering, SUFFERING people!!! If they came back they would suffer LONGER. I think that it is cruel to keep patients alive who are suffering and will not get any better.

Has anyone ever been in a successful code of a pt over 75??? We don't make the choices. I work in a LTC currrently, have worked on geriatrics in a hospital. Ran codes of 90 yr old pts and it is not a pretty sight. Ribs break, etc. Now if I have some one going "bad", I call the MD first, then the family. Usually, MD says "Well, if the sponsor wants them treated, send them." I do explain to the sponsor about comfort measures, codes etc. Like I said, we don't make the choices. What really stirs my grits is when someone is admitted for terminal care, has a signed DNR that spec. states no tubes or tx. to prolong my life, the DON insists on inserting an NG tube because: "We can't let them starve" Personally thinking of having D.N.R tattooed on my chest.

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