Disliked nursing, left it and 2 years later. Also a huge thank you to all RNs


Almost 2 years ago I had just started my nursing career. I got my BSN in 2015 got my RN license shortly after graduating and had started my first floor job on an acute care floor as an RN. I was really excited when I started out but 6 months in i was absoleutly miserable and burnt out. I made a post 2 years ago


Asking the community what or where I can go with a BSN and only 6 months of actual RN experience. Many of you posted giving me advice and where to look in to etc but I had made the official choice of leaving nursing. I didn't leave the medical field I actually ended up applying to PA school and shockingly got accepted. I love the medical field but the nursing area just wasn't for for me. I'm glad to say I will be graduating from PA school this spring 2018 and already got a great job offer lined up with a great medical group here at one of the premiere hospitals in my state state.

I just want to say thank you for every thing all you RNs do each and every day. I couldn't cut it as a RN and it's an area i highly respect and have a great deal of respect for. It's a very labor intensive job and very draining and i will always carry the respect I have for each of you as I move on with my career as a provider.

To anyone who is also at that point where I was 2 years ago where nursing just didn't fit at all and you are looking at other options I highly recommend PA school.

Anyway thank you everyone for all that you do, I sure as heck couldn't cut it. Pretty sure if other providers also walked in our shoes for 1 day they too would have more respect for all RNs.

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Thanks for posting.

I am a new nurse experiencing many challenges. Not sure what I am going to do and how on earth I could already feel this fed up. I never considered PA school, but always wanted to be a psych NP.

Please post another update after you start working as a PA.


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Good for you for taking positive steps in the face of feeling burned out and unsure about everything. Best wishes with the end of school and your PA career!

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And thank you for not trashing us and our whole profession because it didn't turn out to be the right thing for you. I admire your ability to keep going and find your path and I know you will be a great PA. And not just because you know personally "how the other half lives".

Congratulations on your new career!

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I am certain you learned many skills that will translate into your practice as a PA! Best of luck!

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Thanks for getting back to us. I sometimes wonder what happened to some of the "posters" and how their story in nursing resolves. It sounds like your's is a happy ending. Best wishes.


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Thank you for sharing!