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Marisette has 28 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Registered Nurse.

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  1. Marisette

    Got The Vaccine! Share Your Experience

    I received my vaccine today. I work the outpatient area where covid testing is done in a high risk urban area. We have a high flow of patient's who may or may not have covid walking through. So far, no side effects, not even at the injection site.
  2. It's really sad that people are unwilling to sacrifice for our elders who have to come out of their homes for medical services if nothing else. I don't see why covid cannot be controlled to the extent that Korea and Europe has managed to do.
  3. Marisette

    KN95 mask?

    I don't think your missing something. It sounds like you and the patient's are not well protected, although I don't know what the acceptable guidance is for KN95 mask. I don't think we as a society value elders. It also appears that we don't value their caregivers either. So sorry you are going through this. I hope thinkgs get better. It's definitely worth looking into Osha requirements in your state to see if your work place is following acceptable guidelines and If not, report this.
  4. Marisette

    Your Thoughts on COVID-19 Vaccine

    Yes, interesting article about vaccines. One good thing is that many people with covid 19 recover and produce antibodies . Hopefully this knowledge will help vaccine research move along. Moreover, it's likely that having antibodies provides protection, although we don't know for how long yet. Vaccine causing enhancement of the virus is definitely a concern. Hopefully, they will test many thousands of volunteers prior to releasing to the public. The cost of this virus to society is definitely an incentive for a vaccine or effective treatments to become a reality. Social distancing, limiting public accupancy to establishments, and closure of places related to a covid hot spot is very expensive. Nothing like $$$ to move things along. China has recently experienced a resurgence of cases although it appeared they had a good handle on mandatory contact tracing. I don't know how they can successfully do social distancing in some of China's crowded cities. Will they be successful in controling the spread of covid 19 by controlling human behavior ? Time will tell if this virus will be eliminated through effective treatments, a vaccine or ultimately herd immunity at the cost of millions of lives.
  5. Marisette

    Your Thoughts on COVID-19 Vaccine

    I've believe the virus is mutating very slowly and a vaccine may ultimately stop the spread of covid 19. I'm not even going to guess as to which one will be most effective and safe. However, I believe a vaccine is the only thing that will get the economy back on track, and help us regain our freedom to move about without fear or concern. I can tell you of some experiences in the work place by non-medical people I have encountered. The employer does temperature checks. When someone shows an abnormal temperature, they are asked to get tested. When covid 19 test results return, if that employee is positive, others in the company are asked to test and isolate. Companies shut down for a week or two for cleaning and employee quaranteen. How sustainable is this "new normal"? Yes, I am concerned about the safety or any approved vaccine. I will do my research, and opt for the "safest" option, but I will line up to get that vaccine. As an older adult, vaccines, are probably safer than getting covid.
  6. I think no testing after potential exposure, and continuation of work places our patient's, expecially the elders and most vulnerable at risk. How many patient's is a pre-symptomatic healthcare worker exposing ? I'm not surprised at your employers protocol, sounds similar to other situations I have heard or encountered. Perhaps this is the reason for under utilization of hospital services by the public.
  7. It's really sad what is happening in nursing homes. I don't understand why the most vulnerable population was not protected adequately. Why not more testing availability for family who wants to enter and see their love ones? There are some rapid test that may be of benefit prior to entry of family to care facilities . As a matter of fact, why not have more testing for any health care staff delivering care to the general public. Who wants to go to the ER, clinic or hospital where the staff can potentially endanger the patient ? I have not been listening to as much news lately. Has any of this been addressed ? Has the testing availability issue resolved ?
  8. Marisette

    Living as an older individual with comorbidities

    Hello Hillbilly RN I understand the concern for your safety. I live in a large city and there are plenty of covididiots out there. Many people don't wear mask, don't keep a social distance. I'm amazed when reportors question government about reopening churches, theaters, sports arenas, bars and restaurants. Will people really frequent high risk places if covid positive cases go up significantly? I imagine the cost for medical care may be significant. I've heard of some states reopening everything, but enough time has not passed to see if cases go up. How many people are really venturing out to participate in the "new normal"? People somehow feel that the reopening means the virus is gone. It only means we have more hospital beds and ICU space and that the healthcare system should not be overwhelmed. No thanks, I will take a pass on that offer. There are no effective treatments for covid. Your wise to stay home. The social isolation is also depressing. I'm glad you shared your experience with us. I think many people are feeling this, but people with comorbidities that are at most risk are feeling this more. I hope there is a truly effective treatment soon.
  9. Marisette

    Depressed, unhappy, feeling lost

    I had to turn off the TV and visit allnurses today. The news is very depressing. And Yes, it's all covid. This little virus has turned the world upside down and everyone is affected weather it be loss of job, loss of loved ones, fear of getting disease at home or the workplace, financial problems... I think I know what your post is about. It's the feeling of sadness for all that was lost and the feeling that we don't know how all this will end. Hang in there. You are not alone.
  10. I'm sorry that you feel so badly. I know someone advised that you get help for your anxiety earlier. Do you have an employee assistance program at work that you can call and discuss your anxiety. They might be able to provide some resources for you to get assitance to control the anxiety. Although not for the same reason, I know of a coworker, many years ago, who asked for assistance and the program was able to advocate on her behalf and get some time off for her.
  11. Hi. It sounds like you have been in nursing for about one year now. The first year is challenging, especially if you had issues with anxiety frequently in the past. Personally, I think nursing is stressful, although many nurses don't feel this way. Sometimes, changing to a workplace or area in nursing that is more suited to your interest, capacity to handle the stress or pace of the work helps. The longer you practice nursing the more expertise you acquire and the more likely, that you will relax and possibly enjoy nursing. Education is very expensive, so you want to be sure to consider all your options prior to leaving. Having said the above, you should not consider how your friends feel, or judge you if you want to pursue another career. You have to do what is best for you, what makes you happy. I would give it another 6 months to a year, and if you are still unhappy, move forward and change careers. Imagine doing 40 or more years of something that makes you unhappy and causes you so much stress. Even if you earn less elsewhere, happiness has more value. Just my opinion, based on my own experience.
  12. Marisette

    Sick but negative

    Just like many I have gone to work prior to covid, not feeling well. My employers were not forgiving of a call in. However, in the future, I can't see myself doing this and placing the more vulnerable at risk and I will definitely tell my employer even if I have to take it up the chain of command. It's just wrong to go in sick and subject the people we are there to help to additional complications. As a patient, I have experienced encounters with sick people working in health care. I don't think I will subject myself to that either.
  13. Marisette

    Are Sanitized N95 Masks Safe for Reuse?

    The land of milk and honey ! If you want a test for covid 19, you get a test ? If you need an N95 mask, you get a mask ? From news reports, it would appear there was so much PPE made available to healhthcare workers, that this problem was resolved, and if there is a problem, it's within the particular health care facilities distribution of supplies ? I've been furloghed for awhile, but my experience was one N95, to be used only when doing a procedures like nose or throat cultures. Otherwise, we were sopposed to use surgical mask.
  14. It sounds wise to hunker down for awhile while waiting for more effective treatments if your over 60 and with comorbid conditions. Unfortunately, it may not be economically possible for all of us. Health insurance is very expensive and tied to our jobs. Some of us don't have the option of saying "we're going to get in anyway". I was furloghed with two and a half months of insurance. If I had the option, I would hunker down for awhile longer.
  15. Marisette

    New nurse, asthma, Covid-19, What do I do?

    I soppose it largely depends on where you live and work. Perhaps some states or rural areas have less covid patients and it may be safer for you to practice there. I work in the city, office or triage nursing, mostly telephone triage. However, I encountered patient's with covid in the primary care or office setting. It's not a covid office. It's not inpatient, but sometimes it's not avoidable. People with covid can be anywhere. I encountered patient's in police work, people working in the airports... And Yes, their results for covid testing was positive. The patient's did not come in for covid testing back in Feb and March. They came in for the flu, and ultimately were diagnosed with covid. I was furloghed so I don't know the frequency of this occuring now since many visits now are telemedine visits. I just don't know if you can work in healthcare and not get exposed to covid, either from patient's, or other healthcare workers. Covid is now community spread. You may encounter this in any work place, not just healthcare. There are some areas in nursing where there may be less exposure, but it's not completely avoidable.
  16. Marisette

    VP Mike Pence visiting Mayo Clinic - Not Wearing a Mask

    Yes, Fired, but it takes courage to lead at a time like this. To bad he can't step up and do the right thing for the nation. I wonder how Winston Churchill would handle this pandemic?