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Wow, I feel so discouraged right now. I am taking Anatomy & Physiology I right now during the summer. I was placed in a class with a notoriously picky, and difficult professor who does give any room for error. There are no reviews for the tests, and she asks a lot of short answer questions on tests...I'm not looking at my syllabus but I think there are about 12 chapters to be covered, 2 per test. Anyway, I took my first test, not really sure what to expect, and got a D. :/ So then I know I need to study my butt off, and I do, and the second test...I get a C. :uhoh3: So then I thought "I obviously need to try harder..." For the third test, the Skeletal System practical, I have studied day in and day out. I honestly felt so confident in myself walking into class this morning, and I was sure that I had memorized everything necessary to get at least a B. So today I went in for the practical, but left feeling nauseous and discouraged. Just my luck, most of the things I had memorized perfectly weren't even asked. And there was a 25 minute time limit, so that alone made me nervous. Needless to say, I don't think I did very well at all. And to make things worse, it seemed like everyone around me thought it was an easy test. :crying2: It's too late to drop the class. Now I'm conflicted about what to do...should I try as hard as I can to get a C? Or should I stop going to class, take a failing grade and then retake the class during a longer semester such as Fall or Spring? I'm concerned about being admitted into a nursing program. This morning has really made me second guess whether I'm cut out for nursing school. Science is not my forte...


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I spent a lot of time being discouraged when I took A & P and I was an A student. A&P was the hardest class of all the classes I took as an LPN. If the "C" won't effect you getting into nursing school I would stick with it and get it over with, esp. since you have several test under your belt. Hope you do well.


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In a way the grades don't matter. I completely understand your concern and frustration I've been there hell I'm everyone at allnurses has been there at least once. You are cut out for nursing!! I work in field and have been a nurse for a good amount of time now to know a few practical things that they don't tell you in school. First of which is that nursing school is ment to drive you nuts and be impossibly hard. For starters you wouldn't want it to be incredibly easy think about if your sick and have to go in for treatment. Do you want the nurse that went to a school that was super easy and didn't really require her to study her butt off or the nurse like you and now has a flat behind from sitting and studying that butt off. Your the nurse i'd want that the one who skimmed through an easy school. Further more neither your future pt or your employer gives a hoot about the grades you made. The ONLY thing they care about is that you passed your boards and are therefore deemed capable of working as a nurse. You can get through this and as long as you continue to take it serious and study as the day is long you'll be a great nurse A or no A. You CAN and WILL do this! :yeah:

I took A&P twice before I finally got a decent grade (ended up with a "B" the second time around). Having a good teacher is the key to passing any course. If you have a teacher that teaches the material well it makes a world of difference. My advice to you is stick it out. Hopefully when you apply to nursing school your other grades can offset that "C". Good luck to you. You can do it!


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1. Stick with the class.

2. Go to other schools A&P websites they are pictures and quizzes that are helpful for labs.

3. Are there any objectives on the syllabus your teacher handed out? If there are your teacher more than likely takes questions from the syllabus and puts them on the test. I would advise you to speak with your professor about how to succeed in his/her class. Yes A&P can be difficult and time consuming. Once you know how your teacher operates it will be easier to study for test.

4. Flash cards are helpful.

5. Do you all ever use the textbook in class? If so go over objectives, bold print, and questions at the ends of the chapter also you should have a cd that goes with the book. Im sure the cd has practice questions and animations.

6. Go to a bookstore and get A&P for dummies book and workbook. I didnt need them when I took A&P I, but I got them this time for A&P II just in case.

It is possible for you to still get at least a B in the class. Do those things I said and see if you get a better grade. Good luck!

0h and dont have the wrong attitude that your not cut out for nursing. There will be times when you think like that. In your mind you need to think you can learn the material and pass the course. Dont let a few mediocre grades get you down. You can do it ;)

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I started a thread called "A&P Help...from my brain to yours." If you search for it, I'm sure you'll find it.

At this point you may as well stay in the class and do what you can to get a decent grade, but if you are applying to a competitive program you'll need to either retake it to get an A. A&P in the summer is tough...good luck to you.



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Thank you all for your encouragement!! I am going to try and see if I can get a decent grade...I will also check out that thread, thank you, I am sure it will be helpful :)


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Summer classes are demanding, if you end up repeating the course, at least you know what to expect. I earned A's in apI and II but I had to study hard. I mean I was honestly dreaming about the material. Then starting in june I took Microbiology summer I session-it was very strenuous!! I ended with a B. It is a difficult road to nursing school, but remember to think positively and take one day at a time. Taking one day at a time helps in that you will not become overwhelmed as much and you will be able to focus on what needs to get done now to secure your future later.

I had days that I would cry in fear that I would not remember something, but the more I dove right in and tackled whatever was scaring me, the more I understood it and the more positive I became. Knowledge is power, and even if I had to reread the chapter-I did what I needed to do to get to where I am today-which is waiting for NS to start this August. I thought I didnt have a chance-and what do you know, I was accepted my first try. In two years from now I will be saying that I never thought the day would materialize, the day I proudly proclaim- I am an RN!!!!! Never give up, stay positive, press on!!!!!!


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I took A/P I with a very difficult instructor. His fail rate was 75%. I withdrew from the class and retook it with a different professor. I got a high B. He made it super easy. But he also did functional human anatomy. He used living subjects. Because with a patient you can't just cut them open to find the problem. He taught us a lot of fun things to remember. Like McBerney's point, and thinks to remember.

I would def take it over. I'm currently taking a class over because I got a C in the class, so that my scores would be higher. Good luck.

I'm done with A&P now but IMO there's NO way I'd want to take either one in the summer! There's way too much info to be absorbed. I don't even know why they offer it in the summer...yuck! It was hard enough taking them in regular semesters. I know some people like taking it in the summer because it's done and over with...but no way, not for me. A&P is tough....if it were me, I would definitely take it again. Since it's too late to drop the class, finish the class....that way if you do decide to take it again you're more prepared for next semester. I wish you luck!!

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I learned early to not take classes in the summer. They consistently made me feel inadequate. When I take them in a normal semester I always am able to enjoy them.

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