discharged a patient wearing telemetry


I'm a new grad, and on the first day after my orientation ended (which BTW, despite what I was told when I was hired, was sooner than I was ready for) I did my first patient discharge to a hospice facility. In all the confusion of the moment, I neglected to remove the telemetry equipment from my patient. Naturally, when the hospice facility was called, they didn't know what we were talking about. :icon_roll

Does anyone know what those things are worth? I am thinking of offering to pay for it.

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Our unit just added tele and just last week our NM sent out a memo reminding us to remove the tele pack prior to discharging pt., and she said what ours cost... I can't remember the exact cost, but I know it was over $1,000 ($1200-$1400?) No clue if yours are that expensive. I'm sure you're not the first or last nurse this has happened to. Hang in there.


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It may yet show up. I feel for you and see how this could happen. Try not to let it rock your confidence. Good luck.


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I would bet it will be back within the week- who else is going to use it without your central monitor? It happens so often at my hospital that I think that is the only way we get our equipment updated. I dosen't seem like it now but in a couple of mos(or years) yo will laugh about this with your own orientee. I bet you'll never send another tele box for a road trip.

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I would suggest just going over there and picking it up.


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I would suggest just going over there and picking it up.


Since we dc'd to SNF's frequently, we often had this happen. Happened to me once, too. Someone went and got it. It's too expensive for you to pay for.

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Noooo, don't offer to pay for it! Go over to the Hospice and suggest that you help them find it.. Look around, insist that ever corner, every cabinet,,,, every office does not go unturned.


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yeah I would go over and try to find it.

Almost everyone has done something like this, it's very common.

I was always accidently going home with the schedule 8 (controlled drugs) keys :(, I would get half way home then have to drive back with a sheepish look on my face and everyone would laugh at me.


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Our cardiac monitors are old school- tethered to the room monitor. Otherwise, I'm sure I would have done this before ;)

When I was a student I left clinicals with a carpojet of dilaudid in my pocket.

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(Soon to be former) monitor tech here. Ours retail for a cool $2200 each. However, discharges with packs happen all the time. Typically EMS catches it and returns it after finishing with the patient transfer. You may want to get in touch with them.

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Ours are also about $2200. Don't even open up your mouth about paying for it, I can guarantee you that it's happened before and will happen again on your unit. They have a way of finding their way home.

And if that's the worst thing that happened to you on your first shift off orientation, you deserve some congrats!


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oh it happens... I sent a pt we were transferring from the hosp an hour away by ambulance , to a rehab facility , with telemetry on.. I just wanted to die.

we called the facility, before the pt even got there, and they mailed it back a week later.

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