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Who would think that a normally healthy woman would die so swiftly from influenza in June? Could you ever have imagined such a thing? No wonder her family and friends are in shock. So why did... Read More

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    An excellent question which was also asked by someone at this link. His question is in the comments below the commentary. It is comment #18, I believe.
    not the aspect i was thinking of.....i was refering to the apparent IgG2 def. in a fairly large % of the fatals in Oz, those w/o underlying conditions
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    Quote from morte
    not the aspect i was thinking of.....i was refering to the apparent IgG2 def. in a fairly large % of the fatals in Oz, those w/o underlying conditions
    I'm sorry morte, you got me on that one. Perhaps you could query Dr. Racaniello directly at Virology Blog. If if anyone would know, it would be him.

    I would be interested in the answer as well.
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    I'm sorry morte, you got me on that one. Perhaps you could query Dr. Racaniello directly at Virology Blog. If if anyone would know, it would be him.

    I would be interested in the answer as well.
    asked, now we wait...didnt see any other place than the comment section.....he has responded to other questions, we shall see
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    Somerset, Kentucky

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    he Lake Cumberland region has recorded its first death blamed on the H1N1 flu virus. The death on Thursday of a 28-year-old man is the eighth confirmed in Kentucky.

    The man died at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital in Somerset. Health officials did not release his name or details about his hospitalization.

    The man had no apparent underlying medical conditions, according to a news release from Lake Cumberland District Health Department.
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  5. by   MassED Is this a reliable source or just a forum of people adding to widespread alarm??
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    Edmond, Oklahoma

    I think that they are saying this child was on ECMO without really saying it...

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    After lying in a hospital bed for weeks recovering from swine flu, 10-year-old Tony Estlinbaum was ready to try standing without help Friday.

    Tony was a healthy boy with no history of asthma or other medical conditions, but he had severe complications with his lungs because of H1N1, McMichael said.

    Estlinbaum said he wants to draw attention to Tony's case so parents will take the flu seriously, especially if their children have problems breathing along with flu symptoms. He said Tony felt fine Sept. 12 when he played in his first tackle football game, but had a headache that evening. On Sept. 13, he had some flu-like symptoms and trouble breathing. After a visit to the emergency room, Tony ended up at The Children's Hospital at OU Medical Center with a collapsed lung.
    "That's when the battle truly started," Estlinbaum said.

    Doctors eventually put Tony into a medically induced coma and on a respiratory support system that provides oxygen to patients whose heart and lungs are damaged. Now, the therapy Tony will do at The Children's Center will help clear his lungs further and help him to work toward full recovery, McMichael said.
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    It seems to me that the virus has already mutated from the form it took in the spring. Has the CDC looked into that?
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    Kitsap County, Washington

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    An otherwise healthy man in his 50s died late Sunday at Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton, according to Scott Daniels, deputy director of the Kitsap County Health District.

    The man had been at the hospital for some time, and his death was confirmed by the state Department of Health as being caused by the swine flu.

    He had no underlying health conditions.
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    Alice, Texas

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    Dr. Brian Smith, regional medical director for the Texas Department of State Health Services, had few details late Monday but was able to confirm the death of a 38-year-old man with the H1N1 virus.

    Gilberto Garcia died Saturday of pneumonia and swine flu, his common-law wife, Marisol Rivera, said. She said he didn't have any known medical conditions that were a factor.

    Garcia starting feeling sick with a fever, cough and sore throat on Oct. 4, Rivera said. Garcia checked into a hospital in Alice on Oct. 6 where he stayed for six days before being transferred to Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial, Rivera said.
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    Clark County, Nevada

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    A 31-year-old woman has become the latest victim of the H1N1 virus in Southern Nevada. According to the Southern Nevada Health District, the woman didn't have any underlying medical conditions and died last week. She is the 12th Clark County resident to die.
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    British Columbia

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    The eighth fatal victim of the H1N1 flu in British Columbia was healthy, according to an update from the BC Centre for Disease Control Tuesday.

    The latest data shows the 26-year-old Mission woman, whose death was originally announced last week, had no underlying and preexisting medical conditions. She is the first "healthy" person to die from H1N1 in the province.

    The province's chief medical officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, said Friday the health authority expected some cases of H1N1 would occur in healthy people.
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    Hearing lots of rumors of people being reinfected, but these remain speculation until proven. It could well be something else.
    That's the "Catch-22" of the situation: you need to get Tamiflu in the first 48 hours in which flu s/s exist, but the test for H1N1 won't likely turn positive until the 3rd or 4th day after onset. So the test isn't done, to have cost containment.

    In my experiences (yes, there have been 2), I've needed antibiotics as well as the antiviral, as it very quickly settled into my lungs. I knew the 2nd round wouldn't likely be seasonal flu, as I'd had the vaccine for that 2 1/2 weeks before s/s appeared. Both illnesses were similar, with exquisitely painful pharyngitis along with fever, ha, and profound fatigue. I got Tamiflu within 48 hours each time, developed cough with expectoration of copious amounts of green sputum, comtimuimg into the 2nd week despite Zithromycin (Z pak).

    So I intend to get the vaccine by injection (I'm over 65).
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    Brooklyn Park, Maryland

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    Walter Jr., was full of life, an energetic college freshman from Brooklyn Park, until last Wednesday, when he was hospitalized with a suspected case of swine flu.

    "Last time I talked to him, he just kept saying, 'I love you, I love you mom.' That was before they intubated him, before they intubated him," said Denise Brooks, mother.

    On Tuesday, doctors amputated Walter's legs in a last ditch effort to rejuvenate his internal organs, but the surgery was unsuccessful.

    "If you told me he was shot or hit by a car, or in an accident, I could learn to accept more than the flu taking him away. It just doesn't make sense how it can take a health 18-year-old boy with no medical condition at all," said Denise.
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