H1N1 vaccine availability in your hospital/area?

  1. How is swine flu vaccine availability at your facility/in your area? Did you get yours? How was it?

    Our hospital has been vaccinating direct patient care staff on a voluntary basis for the past couple of weeks. It's a shot, still easily available from employee health on a walk-in basis, no wait. I got mine 3 days ago. Sore arm the next day, I popped a few Advils through the first couple of days.

    Our county health depts. have H1N1 flu mist, free and available on a walk-in basis.
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  3. by   WalkieTalkie
    Our hospital is out. Most workers have NOT been vaccinated, except for the ER and pregnant women. I'd say only about 1/4 of the ICU staff has gotten the shot, even though we are intubating someone at least once a day with it.
  4. by   mcknis
    We are in the same boat as Contagion. We are waiting on the next rounds to come in so we can vaccinate the rest of the staff, but no news yet.
  5. by   twinmommy+2
    I work at a VA hospital, and we only have enough for pregnant health care workers, and those in high risk areas like the ER. Don't know when the rest of the hospital will be able to get vaccinated though.

    In the county I live in, they are going to vaccinate the school children starting now, but it looks as though the schools went to the Health Department and drew straws. Unfortunatly my children's school is at the end of the vaccination schedule someowhere in the middle of December. I'm hoping they don't get sick by that time.

    I did get my H1N1 shot 1 week ago today and the seasonal flu shot about 1 month ago. So far nothing has happened from the new flu shot. No pain in my arm, no redness, no sniffles, no cough. All of which I had from the seasonal flu shot (although I was almost over some bronchitis which probably had something to do with my symptoms).
  6. by   GadgetRN71
    Nothing in my facility yet. They originally told us that we'd have them the 2nd week of October but that changed.
  7. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    Northern CA (SF-Sac region) and H1N1 is still very hard to come by. Except for the large HMO, nobody else seems to have it, including the regional academic medical center.

    I finally drove 2 hours and stood in line for another 2 hours in order to get shots for myself and my kid. Have to do it again in a couple of weeks for her booster.
  8. by   JobsearchingRN
    Just receive mine yesterday. Its in very short supply. The schools and clinic had them before we did. I heard through a speech therapist in our hospital. SHe went to another county and stood in line to get it. SHe said another county decided not to give it to health care workers but the schools. It a descion the county is making? Anyone hearing about this? I know we see alot H1n1 patients. Its starting to take some lives . Along with healthcare worker that died . But I did see a article they are stopping giving details on the situation to the public. SOmething about pt rights.
  9. by   indigo girl
    My hospital had a limited supply for the priority groups but some of our staff that were not priority did get it. There were 300 doses left last Friday in the am. They promised
    us more.

    My local walk in clinic had it available for a fee last night when I was there.

    Quote from JobsearchingRN
    But I did see a article they are stopping giving details on the situation to the public. SOmething about pt rights.
    It has been a problem documenting the deaths but the media has covered many thanks to the cooperation of the families of the vicims.




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  10. by   itsmejuli
    I just got hired as a contractor for my county to work in the county health department giving H1N1 shots.
    I start training Monday.

    I've no idea when the vaccine supply will come in, but we'll be trained to give it.
  11. by   dreamingofbeing
    Our hospital received 80 doses of the nasal H1N1 about 3 weeks ago but nothing since then and so far no word when we'll receive more. My son was swabbed and diagnosed with H1N1 on Monday, my husband came down with it on Tuesday, my 3 month old was put on Tamiflu on Monday and I'm currently praying she stays healthy. The pediatricians office just got the H1N1 nasal mist in today but alot of good that does him now. I think by the time it becomes more widely available it's going to be too late for a lot of people. I can't honestly tell you if I had the flu or not since I've pretty much taken some form of pain killers around the clock since my surgery last week so I don't know if I ever ran a fever or not.