Did u guys study the day before your boards?


I'm taking my boards this saturday, and i have heard from people that you shouldn't study before your boards. Please let me know what you think about this. thank you:)

I studied labs the day before my boards and since my exam was the following day (08/22/11) at 1pm. I didn't study at all just washed and cleaned lol

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Way back in 1976, when I took my boards, it was a two day affair. And some of my classmates took all their books and did study. I decided that a good night's rest was more important. I was of the belief that if I didn't already know it, cramming wasn't going to help. After the first day, however, everybody relaxed. we went out to eat, and did some dancing. Some did some drinking. Our entire class of 52 passed.


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I tried not to but I can't help it..I studied lab values, review my calcutaions and some drugs..I also studied on my exam day..And I pass..maybe cramming is just my game..It's different from other people though..


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I did study the night before, but I wouldn't really call it studying. I did practice questions on commercials watching my favorite tv show and looked at my lab values. I took my boards on 8-20-11 did the pvt and got the good pop up. But I didn't believe it till I saw my quick results and it said PASS!!!!! :dancgrp:Happy Dance Group

i meant 08/20/11 ...I'm still waiting ..I get the good pop up but here in cali we have to wait 4 weeks for the legit pass or fail.


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i meant 08/20/11 ...I'm still waiting ..I get the good pop up but here in cali we have to wait 4 weeks for the legit pass or fail.

Four weeks is a long time. Can you check your board of nursing site to see if you are posted there before that????

no, california is a bit conceited. So they do things their way and want to be different. lol..we have to wait 4-6 weeks for that Passing letter..I hope I get the passing letter!

Hey! Do whatever works for you. The first time i took nclex, i studied the day before and failed. The second time i studied the day before and passed! If you are the type that can handle studying day before without getting nervous then thats cool.

goodluck with your test


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I did my kaplan q7 the day before and reviewed it the evening


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I took the test on a thursday and the last day I studied was the previous sunday. Still passed after 76 questions.

All the topics you are focusing on and scared about might not even be on the test. The questions were very random. The only thing I would say you can review the night before are lab values and maybe meds. The rest of the content, if you don't know by now, it will be very hard to memorize the night before.

Let your brain rest and be confident. You will do great!! :)


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@ futurehealthcarewrkr.. I took NCLEX-RN CA last August 16 Tuesday@8am.. I have learned I that they posted my name on the website Friday around 3am.( cant sleep that time though) Saturday morning I received my license ID.. is it the Board Certificate you mean to wait for 4weeks?

On topic: The day before of my exam I'm still studying but just the random facts up to 7pm then I sleep around 8:30pm... I ate nice food and took benadryl to make sure to get an ample sleep.. woke up the following day around 4am.. while on my way to the testing center I'm still studying the random facts.. around 6am I was at the testing center already but just the outside.. still reading.. 7am I give up my reading and went to the fountain area at Levis Plaza just across my testing center.. spent time there for 20mins to have some relaxation and short meditation and prayers.. funny aside I throw some quarters on the fountain and make a wish..7:30 Im already at the testing center and all set for the game.. Anyway, I am a short term memory person and reading before the test works for me. I ended the test at 75Q with 2.5hours.

Goodluck on your test. Do whatever works for you. God bless!