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For those of who have left bedside nursing (but not to move on 'higher' like as a NP etc), were you happy or do you regret it? Does it make you feel like less of a nurse? I am so proud to call myself a nurse, and I feel like if I leave bedside I won't be a nurse anymore.

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I'm leaving an intensely busy cardiac telemetry unit where I worked for 15 months to become an RN case manager for hospice. In some ways, I feel bitter sweat as I enjoy my coworkers and patient population, yet I know when God opens a door, and it's time to head through it. I'm looking forward to being able to spend more time with patients and families (something that was a big stretch when the patient to nurse ratio was high and unsafe).

I am still bedside and love it. It definitely is taking a toll on my body as I get closer to 50. I will soon have my MSN in education and know that I will take a cut in pay once I leave bedside due to the differentials. While bedside for some may be an entry level position, many new grads I know did not land a job in acute care, at the bedside, when they first started out. It is competitive and difficult work, physically and mentally. For now I enjoy the fact that I get to have time with patients and make a very good living for my family.

I left bedside after working ICU for 7 years. I now work in a cardiologist office interrogating ICDs and pacemakers, although it's an interesting field. I spend greater than 50%of my time behind a computer screen and I do not like it and I am considering going back to bed idea. While I don't feel like less of a nurse I certainly miss a more hands on approach.

I did the exact same thing. I did case management and felt the same way you did. I was a secretary, social worker, case worker, lawyer, whatever job someone assigned me and I was rarely seen as a nurse. Back at "lowly" bedside but, am glad to be back at it!! Bedside is tough and exhausting at times but, can be very rewarding. Got to look at positives throughout your day. There is always those patients that will make you smile and actually say Thank You! N

Never being able to get into bedside made me start the process of leaving nursing altogether.

NightNerd said:
Ooh, I would love to hear more about your current position! I'm very passionate about foster care and would be very interested in working in this capacity someday. I keep stalking my county and state government for jobs but haven't seen many RN jobs like this.

I would love to hear about this as well.Iam actually a foster parent and the idea of working as a nurse with foster kids interests me very much.

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