Did I pass or fail the NCLEX?? PLZ HELP

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I took the NCLEX yesterday and it was 100% worst than I expected. I've been going crazy and would appreciate any advice from anyone. My test stopped somewhere between 110-112, and I had about 30-40 select all that apply which I thought was crazy. Almost sure I got a lot of the select all apply wrong however they kept showing up. Even my last question was a select all that apply but I'm pretty sure I got the last question right. What does this mean, are these good signs or I have failed? I would really appreciate anyone sharing their experience and if they had a similar experience as me and what happened with their results.

Thank you

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It means you need to take a deep breath and wait for results. The number of a specific type of question is 100% irrelevant. People have passed at 75, 265, and every number of questions in between. They have failed at 75, 265, and every number of questions in between. The vast majority of takers pass NCLEX on the first try- 84.57% of all US educated takers passed on the first attempt in 2016.

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Please re read Rose Queen's answer. As it is the only answer

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Moved to the NCLEX forum...

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Well, it's a week later.

How'd it turn out?