Did I make the wrong decision? 2 year ADN vs. LVN-Bridge

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Hi All,

So I'm at Cypress College in my third week in the ADN program and am feeling completely restless? Unenthusiastic? Unmotivated? Disillusioned? Basically, a lot of the times I'm ready to quit. I've worked as an LVN the last four years in an outpatient HEM/ONC office and figured because I didn't use my full range of skills, it would be better for me to start from scratch.

Now, I'm having second thoughts and remembering all that I had to go through as LVN student at Long Beach City and now having to do it all over again SUCKS. Any advice, thoughts, words of encouragement? Should I just quit and work towards getting into the bridge and continue to work full-time (I've almost quit my job for now because I can only work one day a week if even possible)? Or should I be thankful I am at least in a program and just push through it? My pre-reqs are starting to expire if not already.


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Since you are already in a nursing program, I would attempt to stay the course.

However, with my LVN license in hand, the idea of starting from scratch would have never appealed to me. Although I wasn't using my full range of skills in the nursing home setting, I wasn't going to add an additional year to my schooling if my LVN license would have facilitated advanced placement.

Good luck to you and keep your chin up.

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I agree with TheCommuter and even if you got accepted into a LPN-RN bridge program you wouldn't start immediately so the time to graduation would probably be about the same. A bird in the hand as they say. :) The great part is you can work as a LPN during school so you aren't taking a total hit on your income. I did overnights and weekends all through school. It wasn't fun but doable and I made a decent amount of money. Good luck!

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I'm in a bridge program and the only course I got to cut out is the nursing fundamentals. Since you've already started I would just bite the bullet now. Do NOT allow those pre-requisites to expire by leaving your current program...that could set you back a whole year.

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I don't think you made the wrong decision. Like the previous poster said, a bird in the hand Is worth more.

I think it's hard for us LVNs/LPNs to go back to school to "learn" a lot of the same stuff we already know.

I'm in a similar situation, as I'm enrolled in an LVN to RN program currently.

Even in my program, designed for us LVNs, I can't even pass PO meds, or give injections or check blood sugars! It's hard to be on a unit and unable to do much, since we're used to working as a nurse.

I say, keep at it! Because soon you will earn your RN and reap the benefits! In my case, higher pay, increased job opportunities, etc.

Hang in there!!

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If only I could be in your shoes...

I'm a frustrated LVN that can't seem to get in any program near me, so now I'm applying farther away to increase my chances! It's soooo frustrating to keep getting the "not chosen this round" email reapply next semester. I've competed my bachelor's pre reqs and I'm dying to get into ANY RN program! I have applied to both ladder and generic programs. I thought what's 1 or 2 more semesters? I'll just get to polish up on the foundations and perhaps help other classmates.

Take it day by day. Week by week. Month by month....do whatever it takes to get over your hurdles and you'll see your reward in the end! Be thankful you're in the program while many of us wish we could.

Good luck!


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Thank you so much. I've been given a lot of encouragement about my decision and whether it was the best or not, in the end, I will get to where I wanted to be.

Good luck to you..it may happen out of nowhere but it will happen!


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Fast forward two years and imagine the possibilities that you will have laid at your feet. You are a graduate ADN with clinical experience as an LPN. Stick it out and keep your eyes on the prize. The future YOU will be so glad you did.