Did I not get the job?



So it's been two weeks since my first new graduate interview at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. I thought the interview went okay. I answered the questions to the best of my ability and they seemed pleased with my answers because they were nodding their heads at everything I said and writing things down when I answered. It was a panel interview when it was over only one of them gave me their card and said to call if I had any questions. I sent a thank you email a few hours after the interview to the one guy because he was the only one who gave me his card. As of today its been 15 days and I have not heard anything. They said they would be making a decision within a week. Do you think they are not considering me? I want to follow up but I'm not sure if I should contact the HR manager who contacted me for the interview or my preceptor who put in a good word for me?

-Also I told them I was interested in the ICU and that ICU position is still posted on the job board. Is that not a good sign?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Everyone's input is greatly appreciated.




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I suggest just calling.

Just explain that it has been a little over two weeks and you were just double-checking on the status.

Chances are that little reminder will both remind the employer who you are and it will show that you are truly interested (which is a huge plus).

Good luck!


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I'm sorry if this sounds snarky or ugly, but why is the OP coming here to ask us is she got that job??? We don't know! Call the facility - You have a business card with contact information for someone who told you to call if you had questions. Call that person! Or call HR. Perhaps I am in a crabby mood... Just call the facility and ask..

Thank you both for your answers. I guess I was just looking to get an opinion on WHO to contact. Hope your day gets better Singwithme123.

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I agree, I would call! Probably HR, or the manager for the unit themselves. And don't let the time period make you think you automatically didn't get the job. Things happen. Maybe something came up with the other applicants or the panel members and interviews were rescheduled, or they're just having a hard time deciding.

Thank you. I emailed HR so hopefully I hear something back

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And don't lose hope, sometimes HR seems to drag their heels

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The bigger the facility... the longer the wait. I didn't hear back for months after an interview, was offered the position.

Good luck, let us know the outcome.

I emailed them and have not heard back yet. The job is still posted so hopefully that's a good sign. I will let you guys know what happens. Thanks

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Sometimes it all takes a while I had an interview and didn't get a call back, then a month later I got a call back for a peer interview. Then two weeks later I got a call from HR asking for a background check release form to be signed. Three weeks later I was offered the job. Just be patient, but in the mean time continue filling out job applications if that one doesn't come through. Good luck!

Yeah I saw two other jobs at the same facility. I think I will go ahead and apply for those.

Okay people. So I left an email for HR and called my preceptor who told me about the job and have heard nothing back from either one. Should I just count this job out? Its been 3 weeks. My application status says "pending" but if I'm not being considered, why don't they just tell me???? If I'm not qualified then just let me know, I'll understand and I'll keep looking. :(