What Is It Like for An LPN working In a Dialysis Clinic?

  1. I've seen several ads in the paper for an LPN position in the Dialysis Clinic. A friend of mine said, "Oh no, you would hate working there. It's so busy and you never rest." She also stated that patients are constantly coding. I know it depends on where you work, but what are the general LPN duties? Is it really that stressful? Where I'm from, I've heard they train you a good 6 weeks or more before they let you care for patients independently.
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  3. by   Lacie
    The LPN's where I work do everything we as RN's do with exception of Initial admission assessment paperwork. In fact my preceptor is the Teamleader most of the time, is an LPN. Extremely knowledgable in her field also I must say.
  4. by   BoredLPN
    In my facitly (chronics) I do pretty much everything like the "techs" and a little of what the RN do. With some few expceptions like I access caths, dressing changes, mix baths, and heres the good part they pay me as a licensed but I don't give meds..the RNs do that!!!

    I must say Dialysis is not for the weak. Dialysis is a high pace work...the company only cares of the quantity of patients not the quality of care we suppose to give.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    In several units, the LPNs are now techs - at least where I work. THey do not hire LPNs for dialysis anymore here.
  6. by   GoldenFire5
    Do you think dialysis is a good choice for an LVN who later wants to do critical care as an RN?
  7. by   traumaRUs
    I do not. I am sorry to say but this is more a technical type of nursing - you use little to no critical care skills and the problem as I see it is that it is too narrow of a focus to easily transfer over to the critical care. Now the other way around, critical care to dialysis is easier.
  8. by   lunden
    i work for davita here in mi. amd our lpn pass meds and occasionally will have pt's to put on if we are short staff. we just can't start in the morning w/o an rn present
  9. by   GeauxNursing
    Quote from skittlebear
    " She also stated that patients are constantly coding. .
    We've had one code in the 4 years I've been at my clinic.
    Everything else is true, it's busy and you never rest. I had 10 weeks training.
  10. by   Valerie Salva
    Pts crash frequently at clinics where the staff and mgmt have no clue how to do proper dialysis. Pts almost never crash in clinics where staff and mgmt do know what they are doing.

    Dialysis is very busy and fast paced. How LPNs are utilized in dialysis depends on the locality and the company At some clinics, LPNs work as techs. At others, they work as med nurses.
  11. by   GeauxNursing
    When I am lucky enough to be 2nd nurse on the floor, without a full pt load, which is oh-so-rare, I love it! I feel like I can actually be helpful to my teammates and also function more like a nurse, less like a PCT. The doctor rounds, and I get to follow along and offer information! I know the patients well, and I know what's going on with them, sometimes better than the RNs. Once it is all over, I get to do order changes and call in prescriptions and make appointments! (I know everyone who ISN'T a new nurse is like "She enjoys doing that ?!") Yes, I do. I've been a PCT for a long time so it is nice to do other things once in a while.
  12. by   sissib
    I am LPN in dialysis for 8 months. We do everything RN does except IV push meds (state regulation). And then we also do everything the techs do too. I think all this differs at each facility. Just ask about these things when interviewing if you do not feel you can do both. I do not mind because I feel this experience will also be valuable to me in the future.