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I graduated in Dec. 08 and have failed 3 times now:(. I have recently decided to get serious and study hard again. I am struggling with some depression for the last 2 yrs. I had worked in the healthcare field for 15 yrs in a variety of setting but felt that I was going to be a great nurse. I had ER tech experience of 9yrs and externed in an ICU along with taking a GN position after graduation so I feel I know my stuff. However, for a test like this I think it hurt me a little. I read question and answer with work experience. Which is wrong. After I failed my boards the hospital I worked at for the past 10yrs let me go. I have been very depressed. I feel that I am at a point where I am ready to do this and move on the my life/career for my son and husband.

I have in the past taken Kaplan, Hurst, NCSBN and currently (just enrolled in) Saunders online review course. I have done 100 question a day for the last 3 days. But I get very nervous because my scores have and still are around 65% which makes me feel like I am not learning and then I think about failing again. I haven't set a test date because I am so scared but I feel that I need to just pick a day and devote my time to studying and do this.

I am open to study ideas and resource.

I need to focus and stay committed to studying but I can't get over this unsettling feeling inside about failing again. I really need help getting over this. I also need to find a good review I really like Hurst but I am so confused at this point.

Ideas PLEASE!!!!

Stop reading so much into those practice test scores. You might want to consider taking X amount of time just to study content before you even delve into heavy question answering. And remember to study as if you had never tested before. Likewise, leave your prior work experience at the door of the room you are studying in. Get a grasp of any outside factors that might be affecting your study. Don't be hard on yourself. You know you have to start over with the basic study of concepts. You know you have to take enough time to do the job right. You know you can't let family obligations or regret about losing your job get in the way. No job, no job as a distractor. Study, study, study. And don't give up.

I had a copy of the hurst review which I found to be helpful when it came to contents, but I also took the Kaplan live class review and that helped me tremulously, the questions where step up the exact same way, and I was able to recognize when I was getting higher lever questions on my test. In the Kaplan Qbank I was scoring from 42-73% and My trainer question range from 47-64%. I passed my NCLEX with 75 question the first time. Try not to pay too attention on the scores but read the rational but more importantly I think pay attention to what the question is asking and when you answer it ask your self if this answer makes sense and does it answer the question that is being asks. It was hard for me at first but you have to think different when it comes to NCLEX.

Just imagine yourself after you what you have been through and imagine passing boards. The victory would be so sweet!

:nurse:You can't rush yourself to study! This is going to make you more anxious. I started preparing the first semester I started nursing school. I reviewed every NCLEX CD-rom program I could get my hands on. Before and after graduation I used Saunders Comprehensive NCLEX Review and Davis NCLEX Review 2010. Saunders breaks things down into systems and so on. Excellent resource book that I still have and can use in practice. Davis's is questions/rationales and it took me 3 weeks to review the whole book. Just a FYI I also didn't fair too well on all the questions they asked in the book. So that is not a good indicator of how you will do on the NCLEX exam. Give yourself time to prepare and you will be more confident! Good Luck!:nurse:

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