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Denver College of Nursing - January 2021

by saraco saraco (New) New Pre-Student

Hi all!

Looking to connect with others who applied for the January 2021 cohort at Denver College of Nursing.

I applied to the BSN completion program, anxiously waiting!

I applied. Waiting anxiously for the email to see if I got an interview. Good luck to you both!

I applied to the BSN program as well. Hopefully we hear about it soon. I wonder if less people applied due to covid.

I applied to the October cohort but was waitlisted, I find out by August 11th if I get into the January class! When are y'all finding out by?

I applied! Super anxious to hear back, hopefully soon. Good luck everyone!

Hello! I got the email today for the interview. Anyone else?

I also got an interview. I was told by a friend who’s at DCN that you’re basically accepted once you get an interview. You just have to pass the HESI if you don’t have a bachelors degree already. When is your interview?

I've read that too from other cohorts. I have no idea if it's true, but I hope so! I'm waiting to hear back for the exact date of my Zoom interview. I guess they're doing interviews remotely because of COVID.

My friend said it’s very informal. My interview isn’t until October. CONGRATS on getting an interview. This is a pretty exciting time in our lives!

Thank you! Good luck on your interview. Hopefully you hear back from him soon. Do you have to take the HESI?

Congratulations you guys hopefully I get an email 🤞 now im even more anxious a letter means you did not get access 😶.

@Jenn86I hope you get an email too! Fingers crossed for you!

Yes, I will have to take the HESI. It looks like there are some great study guides out there so I'm not terribly worried about that.

Same here, you got this!!

Congratulations to those who got an interview! I have also heard from current DCON students that the interview is informal and more of an orientation meeting. I haven’t received an email yet...very anxious!

@Jenn86 one of my friends who applied received an email earlier today saying she wasn’t accepted — so don’t lose hope! Hopefully we both hear back soon.