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For those of you who know,

1.) what is the difference between biol 2401/2402 and Scit 1407/1408?

2.) Do you recommend one more than the other?

3.) Do you really have to take biol 1406 is you have had biol and a&p in high school?

Thanks in advance for the info.=]

Fun2, BSN, RN

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SCIT is a freshman level, BIOL 2401 is sophomore level.

Many 4-year colleges around here accept both, but you would need to look into that if you plan on getting your BSN later.

My BIOL 2401 said the only difference was that you had to take a pre-req. He didn't treat it differently.

My BIOL 2402 actually had SCIT and BIOL together in the same class! The only difference there was we had to do assignments for extra credit, SCIT got free points.

If you can, I would take BIOL 2401 & BIOL 2402. However, I really don't think it matters too much. (If you have a choice take the BIOL, if not, register for what's available.) :)

I didn't have to take any pre-reqs, even way back when I took BIO 120 & 121. I did have A&P in high school, and they took that.

Talk to an advisor about overriding the system because you had A&P in high school.


I heard SCIT you do not have to dissect and in BIOL, you do have to dissect. That is what I heard anyways. When I took SCIT, we didn't dissect any cats or anything but there were cats in the lab.

i would like to find out if uta is accepting scit 1407 and scit 1408.

i would appreciate any input. ;)

Okay, i'll tell ya right now an save you money an headache. ALWAYS take the 2400/Bio classes. MANY of the SCIT classes DO NOT transfer to university!!!!!!! It is the same class. If your just going for ADN, still take 2400 classes in case you want to go forward to a BSN program. Many a person found out the hard way and had to take repeat it with the 2400 course num... I attended DCCCD before nursing FYI

Thank you for the info! :)

i would like to find out if uta is accepting scit 1407 and scit 1408.

i would appreciate any input. ;)

take it for what it's worth:

i found this on uta's website stating that scit 1407 and 1408 from dcccd will be accepted: http://www.uta.edu/nursing/equivalency/dccc.pdf

i will verify during formal advisement though. not sure if this information is too little or too late, but it's information.:)

lifelearningrn, BSN, RN

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I'd never even heard of SCIT.. I wonder why'd they have two different versions of A&P?? It's pretty much a class for health care majors... so why two versions? Perhaps the SCIT version is for certificate programs like LVN and such? I'd be a little worried about a non-bio class transferring for higher degrees..

TAKE BIOL!!!!!! I took SCIT it didnt transfer to the nursing school I want to attend and had to take BIOL immediately after finishing SCIT. Look into where you are wanting to transfer too and go forward that way. I made the mistake of listening to DCCCD counselors. SCIT WILL however transfer to Brookhaven nursing.

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