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I have been working 3 12's 7a - 7p for a year and a half on a busy postpartum unit. I do like it. But I have always thought about doing ambulatory surgery. Any of you out there have info on likes/dislikes about ambulatory surgery? There are occasional openings at my hospital, most are full-time 5 days a week--1000-1830.

Not having to be to work til 10am would be great for my babysitting issues, but not getting home til 7- 5 nights a week doesn't sound all that great either.

So, would you ever go from a 3 day a week work-week to a 5? Is ambulatory surgery a great place to work like I have heard from so many? Any input is appreciated!!

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I've gone from a 5 day workweek to a 3 day workweek.

I gained time back.

My commute is 30 minutes each way, or 1 hr/day. I went from 5hrs a week on the road to 3. When I add in the time it takes to walk to my unit, the extra time working late and coming in a little early, the time gain adds up.

I have never worked ambulatory surgery, but I hear good things about it. The trade-off might be worthwhile if you like the job.


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I like ambulatory surgery. My center is free standing. Pay is a lot less than a hospital. I work med surg too so the stress and types of patients are very different. The patients at My ASC are usually healthy needing some orthopedic, podiatry or ENT procedures done.

I don't work full time at either job and I have never done 12hrs so I can't speak to that part of your question.


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I don't know about ambulatory surgery but I would say that I like having to work 3 days a week. It saves you on gas, your only going to need a babysitter 3 days instead of 5, you get 4 days off, and you can get over time easier than you would working 5. I like it but then again I am a 23 year single female with no kids. :D


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Give me 12's. 3 days and out. Soooo much more time for yourself.

8-hr shift is just too short a day. You're dressed up for the party, what's another 4 hrs? For 2 extra days off??? Hell, give me 2 16's!

You want the 5 8-hr days go for it. Be careful what you wish for...

The grass isn't always so green over there. Good luck.


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No holidays, no weekends? I'd do the 5 8's! However, I dont have children at home. Good luck with your decision, change is so hard :confused:


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Thanks for the replies. Change is so hard, especially when you are going from something you still like. It is different when you are fed up at your job and it is time to move on.

I would have less need for a babysitter on the 5 days a week, but I sure like having 4 full days off too! Will have to talk to the family (again... they are probably sick of my pros/cons lists) and pray about it! Thanks for the input.

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5 days a week is good for people with school age kids.

I prefer the 12 hours shifts myself.

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I prefer having more days off per week. I've worked the 5-day work weeks, and I don't really care to go back to doing that unless I was on the verge of homelessness. When I was working 5 days per week, I felt as if I was spending all of my days at work.

I'll do two 16-hour shifts or three 12-hour shifts per week. However, I don't think I could ever return to the 5-day work week unless things got really, really bad.


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I work outpatient county mental health, and THE ONLY thing I don't like about my job is the 5-day workweek...I work 8am-5pm 5 days a week...so everything is closed by the time I get off, and I live in a fairly small town, so of course there's hardly anything open on the weekend (dentist, doctor, vet, etc)...sometimes I end up having to use lunch hour, sick/vacation time to do those types of errands and I HATE that...the perks are weekends off, holidays off and regular hours.

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