30 days sober!


I'm a newcomer to AA and a former surgical nurse. With the help of My Higher Power and AA, I will reach 30 days on March 12th. My childhood memories are dominated by fear, uncertainty, insecurity and bitterness toward my father. He too was an alcoholic. My first drunk was with my older sister and her friends at the age of 14, I think. At 17 I discovered clubbing and it was so much fun! However, as the years progressed, I found myself just recently drinking tequila, vodka, etc from the bottle because nothing was strong enough to send me to oblivion. One more slug out of the bottle caused immediate and uncontrollable vomiting all over my beautiful hardwood floor! I was so sick of acting this way, but I continued drinking through the weekend. My dear friend who is 7 years sober was there for me. I told her I wanted to quit. She handed me a schedule of meetings , A Big Book and told me she would come to my first meeting. I recently celebrated my 5oth bellybutton birthday sober as a church mouse. I go to a meeting almost every night, have a wonderful sponsor. This friday I will share the third step with my home group. I would love hearing from other recovering alcoholics out there. Your message can be a great source of hope for me and others.

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Congrats for recongnizing your problem and seeking help. That is the hardest part. I have been clean and sober for 7 years now. The hardest part was the need to change my life, my playground, and my playthings. I will keep you in my thoughts. Keep up the good work. Do this for yourself. You have stated that you started for yourself. again, congrats.


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Congrats!!! You've made it through a rough period. Keep up the good work.


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i'm so happy for you! i've had family who had alcohol/drug addictions who were able to conquer it and keep it in check. you have made a great first step. my best friend's husband is a recovering alcoholic. he's been clean for 4 years. he started about when you did and had a whole slew of family problems (which also lead him to gambling) and had to raise some of his siblings because his mother was out with different men and didn't come home!

good for you! one day, you will be the inspiration for someone else! how cool is that?:mad:

you can do it!!!


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Congratulations! Sobriety is wonderful. In a few months I will celebrate 14 years of continuous recovery. AA, an active spiritual life and the support of friends and family have been invaluable. Keep coming. It just keeps getting better.


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I just wanted to say congrats!!! I don't have any advice to offer, but feel free to message me if you ever get down and need someone to talk to. You will do fine. You have your priorities straight, I know you can do this.


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Congratulations. My father was an alcoholic. Keep up the good work. My thoughts and prayers are with you every day.


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Congratulations on 30 days sobriety! I will have 12 years of recovery in October and I agree with the expression "my worst day sober is still better than my best day drunk".

Hang in there, keep going to meetings, and feel free to PM me any time.


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Congratulations to you....best wishes for continued success and health.


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WAY TO GO!!!! Keep it up, one day at a time!

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