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  1. JaneRNBSN

    Doula turned RN....L&d or Mother/infant the right place for me?

    I'm an RN with surgical experience, wannabe nursery nurse. Since I could not get hired without experience, I took a birth doula workshop and ended up working as a staff doula. I get all the fun and none of the responsibility! I also became a certified lactation counselor, so I get to help moms get a great start on breastfeeding. I don't make near the money, mind you, but then again...I'm getting paid to PLAY!
  2. JaneRNBSN

    New here, anyone had a pt with a Doula?

    i'm a staff doula and i work under the nurse's supervision; ie getting pt out of bed, to the br, i always ask before i do that. our common goal is the safety of mom and baby. everything else is just "fluff":typing
  3. JaneRNBSN

    Can I get anyones take on being a DULA?

    may i ask what turned you off about doulas, lisa?
  4. JaneRNBSN

    other non-RN positions??

    I went to a Doula workshop and found a hospital that uses doulas as staff! I love it! Check us out at http://www.dona.org
  5. JaneRNBSN

    Verbal abuse in the OR

    Yeah, I can. A friend of mine made an observation recently...."Move to the left, move to the right, faster, slower, OH NEVERMIND, I'LL DO IT MYSELF! That's what it's like to be married to this jerk. LOL :chuckle
  6. JaneRNBSN

    Great Delivery / Bad Delivery

    To Miranda, I worked in the OR and was constantly berated and humiliated by a few choice surgeons. I understood that, as a circulator, my responsibility was to keep the procedure running smoothly so that the pt. was under anesthesia for as little time as possible. If I held up a case, I understood why the doc was yelling at me. But one particular surgeon routinely charged through the door griping and yelling about every little thing he could think of, even the room temp! You made me realize that this guy is just plain scared!!! Thanks for a different spin on things.
  7. JaneRNBSN

    Verbal abuse in the OR

    You are absolutely right about standing up for myself and I couldn't agree more. BUT, since I am no longer working, the opportunity to put him in his place will not present itself again. At this point, I am trying to support my collegues who have no choice but to work with abusive docs. I wish I had been more assertive in the past because it could have given the other nurses more confidence in standing up to him. But I am a patient advocate in that OR and distracting the big bad doc could have untoward consequences...ie: pt is under anesthesia longer than necessary. My actions were not impotent, this doc was dismissed from our hospital.
  8. JaneRNBSN

    Share Your Funniest Patient Stories...

    As a new grad starting my first job in the surgery department, I was so eager to do a good job that I encountered a LOL in the hallway after taking a pt from surgery back to his room. This LOL was in a w/c shuffling her feet and holding onto the handrails inching her way down the hallway. She was right in front of the nurses station and everyone was busy. I thought, well, I'M not to busy to help a LOL. I knelt down and looked her in the eye and said..."Ma'm, can I help you?" Yes, she said. I innocently asked her, "Where would you like to go?" I WANT TO GO HOME!!!! All the personnel at the nurses station got a good laugh out of that one.
  9. JaneRNBSN

    I need your success story...please.

    Hi. I started nursing school at the age of 30 or so and took 6 years to get my BSN. Since I barely passed math in high school I had to teach myself algebra in order to pass my chem classes. I studied and did problems relentlessly until I passed all 3 chem classes. My husband and niece were lots of help since I had 1 child in high school and 2 in grade school. I never thought that nursing school would be easy....that is why it took me so long to start school in the first place. My best class was OB nursing and my worst was Pharmacology. But I made it! My first job was in a small rural hospital in the surgery dept. I started in PACU and eventually learned to circulate. Alas, the surgeons did their number on me. I was belittled, humiliated and eventually forced to leave that hospital to protect myself from surgeons bent on acting like spoiled little children. My success story is this: I persevered until I got my degree, tried it out and decided that it was enough for me.
  10. JaneRNBSN

    Wrong site surgery

    I have been in the OR for six years and have never heard of time out. What is it? We were doing an arthroscopy on a young gentleman....depending on the surgeon either he/she or the nurse marks the limb after asking the pt which we are doing. We got the pt back to the or, anesthetized, and as I was scrubbing the leg, I noticed a nasty infection on pts toe. I reported this to the surgeon....he replied "good job" but someone should have spotted this before he got back to the OR. ie: The nurse shaving the leg preop, the circulating nurse marking the leg, anesthesia pre op...SOMEONE! Fortunately it was caught before surgery at least or pt could have ended up with a nasty infection.
  11. JaneRNBSN

    Verbal abuse in the OR

    Thank you for listening. I'm glad I'm out, too.
  12. JaneRNBSN

    Verbal abuse in the OR

    no, unfortunately, this particular surgeon is rather proud of the fact that he has taken his whole team and all of his patients away from our hospital. i had the opportunity to work with him again at a surgery center and he told me so himself! he continues to abuse staff at all of the hospitals he works at. i've worked at all 3 places and his behavior is the same....he hits the door griping about anything he can find. one morning we arrived an hour early to get his case ready. his patient was in the or, the case was opened...everything was ready. so he griped about the temperature in the room. he went so far as to call the director back and berate her in front of her staff. we had to alert maintenance the day before his total hip or knee cases to turn down the air conditioning!!!! i'm sorry, but when a surgeon hits our doors with that attitude, there is absolutely nothing we can do. we even had to take turns being in his cases, everyone hated him so much. i wrote him up for pointing his finger at me and screaming "shut the door". nothing has changed...he is still spreading his misery all over this area. i can only hope he gets hit by a bus.
  13. JaneRNBSN

    Verbal abuse in the OR

    By the way, how did you know NOT to enter OR nursing? Somebody must be talking about the abuse we suffer.
  14. JaneRNBSN

    Verbal abuse in the OR

    If you would read my post again, you will find that I HAVE alerted administration. I'm not sure where else I can go. Any ideas? There must be SOMEONE these spoiled little brats have to answer to.
  15. JaneRNBSN

    Verbal abuse in the OR

    After only 6 years in the OR as a circulating nurse, I have burned out and retired. The surgeons have humiliated me and my collegues relentlessly. We just have to take it. Personally I felt powerless until someone in P.T. asked me to write up a certain orthopod.....gee....go figure....an orthopod! Between the both of us writing to administration, he was booted from our hospital. He took his entire ortho group and all of his patients with him. Now we are stuck with all kinds of instruments and special orthopedic helmets, batteries, etc we bought especially for them. Not to mention we enlarged an entire OR room for them at an exhorbitant expense. Does it pay to write them up? I say yes, but we need to go further with it. I've written newspaper columnists about this problem, 20/20 and MSNBC Investigates. Any other ideas from you?
  16. It worries me too! Something has to be done about how surgeons treat nurses and ORTs. After years of being humiliated and belittled in front of my collegues and taking call 7-8 days a month, I am totally burned out and retired after only 6 years as an RN. I have had it.