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Hello! I am applying to darton nursing program in albany ga. Can anyone tell me what their average is on the HESI exam and what is the lowest GPA they have taken. Thanks.

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Good Luck!

I am applying to Darton's online program for the winter 2011. I will be taking the HESI week after next but have read mixed information about Darton's acceptance policy

My GPA transfering to Darton was a 3.2ish or 3.3ish. I do not recall my HESI scores. Good Luck and study hard...it's like nothing else you've attempted.

Peacekeeper are u in darton nursing program?

Shemekaj what have u heard about darton

I am a senior in Darton college nursing program. My Hesi score was 81.92%, I transferred in with probably like a 2.8 gpa.

Hi Success88

I have looked at other posts by searching under Darton College. A lot of the responses said that they admit several students and have a challenging nursing program.

Nursing is challenging its not going to be easy

I took my HESI today and my composite was an 84.73. :confused: I don't know what to feel about that at this point. My gpa is in the neighborhood of a 3.44 right now and I'm currently enrolled in 4 classes so hopefully that will be boosted a little more. I'm starting to feel alot better about my chances of getting into the program now that I see who Darton has accepted in the past and the fact that they are doing well and approaching graduation. I'm applying to the Spring Hybrid because I live in Atlanta. Congrats to all the graduating nurses this December and hopefully we'll be able to do the same in just over a year.

Be happy with ur score girl! U did great lol. Was it a lot of converting on the test?

Your Hesi score and Gpa is higher than mines when I got accepted. Not to mention they accept 100 students three times a year. Unlike atlanta getting into this program is not really the difficult part, it's actually making it through the program where some students have trouble. Try to knock out as many prerequisites as you can before entering the program. I entered the program still having to complete English 1102 and Micro it was very challenging but doable.

Good luck to you

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