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Hello! I am applying to darton nursing program in albany ga. Can anyone tell me what their average is on the HESI exam and what is the lowest GPA they have taken. Thanks.


Thanks! My GPA is 3.0.

homes 300,

They do look at how many classes you already have and what your grades are, especially in the science classes. You did fine on the hesi and it really helps that you have almost all the prerequisites!

Mjhonson13 & homes300, I have heard mixed things about the anatomy section of test. I have already taken both of the a&p classes, but as i'm reviewing the book I don't remember a few topics! Just wondering if the section on the test is like the one in the guide or if it's more in depth?

Hello All,

I am new to allnurses.com and find the information on this site very informative. I will be starting my prereq classes in Jan. at Darton College and I am so excited about this challenging adventure. I also live in the Atlanta area and when the time comes for me to commute I would love to carpool with individuals from this area. I am totally new to the nursing program but a transfer student (B.S. in Health Admin.) and am wondering what classes I should probably approach first. I would like to wait until fall of 2012 to take A & P which is all I need to get into the program because I've taken the others (Med. Term and English). Any thoughts?


Its like the book some but if u took a&p u'll know what the question is asking u before u finish resading the question.. its pretty easy. For me not to study I got a 80. U'll do fine.


Sorry I haven't been on here in a while to answer any more questions. So how did you do on the HESI?


Welcome! When do you actually plan to apply and start the program? What classes do you need?

I feel like I did pretty well...88 overall and 88 on anatomy hopefully that's good enough to get in!


You did an awesome job on HESI! I posted under another thread earlier. My score was 77.60...ugh!

Hi Mjohnson13,

I transfered some classes in so all i need to take is A & P 1 to apply for the program. However, I prob. will not apply until 2013. I plan to get as much as my prereq. out the way as possible. Also, with this being such a competitive world for RN's i want to do my best and take my time.

Hello all,

I just applied to Darton summer 15 and wanted to know if anyone could give a timeframe of when you submitted their application vs when you received your acceptance letter? Any advice from grads? And has anyone else applied?

On 11/14/2010 at 4:28 PM, blackbarbie83 said:

I'm about 5 minutes from Decatur, so you and I are really close. Are you in Downtown Decatur or like Candler Rd Glenwood Rd. Decatur?

Did y'all commute to Darton? If so, what was it like?

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