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Hello Everyone,

I am having an issue finding GOOD, COMFORTABLE, and fashionable work shoes for long shifts. I have two pairs of Danskos and I LOVE the high arch because I have a high arch so it feels so good with that support...but, and these two may be the same thing-idk, I have a high instep ...

high arch, high instep...same thing??

Anywho, by the end of about an 8 hour shift the top of my foot is KILLING me! When I take off my danskos it leaves me with a full indentation around the top arch of my foot. Literally an imprint of the cushioned part band of Danskos that is right by the opening of the shoe. The pain and imprint will literally last for days.

I hate having this problem because a lot of shoes I have trouble getting into because of the high instep or because they cause pain there.

I love the firmness of Danskos and the high arch but not the pain on the top of my foot


Any suggestions?

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I have a similar problem with Danskos. While breaking a new pair in, I have gotten black and blue marks across the top of my foot. I haven't had that problem with every pair, just 2 pair -- and it has gone away after the shoes got broken in and "stretched out" a bit.

When I buy a new pair, I make sure they are plenty loose to begin with -- and I break them in (test them out) by easing into them. I wear them for short stints only at first and gradually increase my time in them. That works for me. However, note that I am not a staff nurse and never have to wear them for a 12 hour shift, standing on my feet all day.


hmm...yeah, I am wondering if I can get them stretched perhaps? I feel if I went a size up then they would be bigger from everywhere else too and i'll look like I have clown feet :clown:

I have the exact same problem - high arch, high instep. I get mine stretched at a local shoe repair shop! I make sure to tell them that I only want that top portion stretched though! The rest of the shoe fits fine before stretching, so I didn't want them bigger everywhere...just over my instep.

I bought a pair of Danskos at the beginning of my ADN year. Loved them. They were a little tight and stiff, but with biweekly clinicals they loosened up nicely.

Then I started work. 3 12 hour shifts at a stretch. By the end of my second week, I started getting indentations at the top of my feet, even with compression stockings on. By the end of the third week, my right toes have started going numb. I dropped the Danskos and switched brands, my toes are still numb but my feet look better at the end of my shifts.

Listen to your feet. They're the only ones you get! :)

I think I am going to get mine stretched out at a shoe store and see how they feel then. I have yet to work a 12 hour shift in them and I am getting mixed reviews. I see a lot of nurses wearing sneakers so I am wondering if I will end up going that route as well...

JUST bought Danskos last night, the walking company didn't have any wides in stock, and the regular seemed ok.. now i'm wondering if they are.. i guess i'll wear them around the house and see. The thing l liked was that i have 30 days to return..

A coworker let me try on her alegria clogs and those seemed great.. so i may return the danskos and get those.. eh. not sure yet. lol

Going to drop my Danskos off to get stretched and see if that helps. Otherwise, anybody wear sneakers that you'd recommend for high in steps?

My Nike Torches have been very kind to my high arches. They don't come in wide though.


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I have this same issue with my high instep. I bought a pair of the mary jane dansko's and LOVE them! So much more comfy :)

I'm on my third shift with the Danskos. I hate them. Everyone says to hang in there, they get amazing. I just ordered a cute pair of Alegrias just in case ;)

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I tried on many pairs of Danskos and had the same issues with them feeling too tight across the top of my foot. Sanitas are very similar (and were at one point made by the same manufacturer from what I've read) but with a better fit for my particular foot. I had to try on a lot of different pairs because they all fit slightly differently, even though they were the same size and style. My most comfortable pair always feel a little loose when I first put them on in the morning, but they fit perfect by the end of my shifts. I also wear knee-high compression socks to reduce swelling in my feet and that helps a ton.

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My Danskos were tight. Put on a thick pair of socks, put on the shoes and use the hair dryer across the band. It stretched it just enough. Walk around in them while they are still warm.


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I had the same issue with my danskos fitting too tight across the top, my last 2 toes would be numb towards the end of shift and I was also in between 2 sizes. ( 9 1/2- 10 US) I finally found a perfect fit with Sanitas and I love them. I've been wearing the same pair for a little over a year now and they still look great!

During the winter time I wear compression socks, knee highs and they're a tad looser but overall still fit way better than the danskos.

Currently I wear NABEE compressions and I like them, but towards the end of shift my toes feel crammed. I think I need a larger size, but they don't make an XL, or at least they didn't when I purchased mine online. For the money, I think$20 or $25 they're def worth it.

Any recommendations on another brand, reasonably priced?

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I remember reading online about Dansko and Sanita originally being under the same manufacturer but when they split Dansko started having their shoes manufactured in China. Whereas Sanita remained manufactured in Europe. There is definitely a huge difference in the fit of these shoes, especially for those of us wearing half sizes.