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I am doing some research on CALL PAY.  Esp CVOR CALL PAY. But would like to hear about General O.R. as well. I am currently working in the panhandle of FL in a CVOR program. We have 1 surgeon, so some days we have no cases and we're on call @ 5 dollars per hr. This doesn't even help our pay on the paycheck. We are trying to increase the call pay to 10 hr to subsidize the loss of money for the days we have no cases.  Sometimes we fill in in the Main OR, but they don't always need us.

How much are you making for CALL PAY AND WHERE IN THE U.S. ARE YOU?

Thanks for any info!

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Mid Atlantic, $3.50 per hour

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Thanks so much for offering, but I've been working in the O.R. since 1980.  I was a tech for 10yrs prior to becoming a RN.  I currently work in CVOR.  I'm doing a little research on call pay esp for CVOR...  and esp in this area.  We (my cvor team) are trying to raise our call pay which is 5/hr.  Our reason is we have only 1 surgeon and some days we don't work so our paychecks are pathetic, it happens a lot.  we sometimes work in the mail o.r. but they don't always need us....

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Federal government is 10% paid at time and half rate. 

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I’m sorry, that situation sucks. Sometimes if we are slow we get flexed off early, which means you don’t get paid but still get counted as full time hours for benefits purposes.  Other days you stay late, so it pretty much balances out.  Call is overnight and weekends.

our call pay is $5/hour - you get that to be available to come on with 30 minutes notice. if you get called in you don’t get the call pay for the hours you actually work, but you get time and a half plus $3.50 differential 

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I am at a large academic / university hospital in the SF Bay Area (Northern CA) and we get 50% of our base pay per hour when on call. This then goes to time and a half when activated or double time if it is contiguous with ones shift. Roughly about $48-$50/hr.

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I work in a specialized heart hospital in Indiana, and we are also paid $5/hr on call away from hospital. 2-hour minimum pay if called in; time-and-a-half pay with loss of call stipend while working. As you know working CVOR cases, you’re there more than 2 hours about 98% of the time, so that 2-hour minimum rarely factors in. 

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Our on call stipend was recently increased to $7.50/hour and guaranteed time and a half, 2 hour minimum.

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