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Hello everyone!

I have been offered two positions and have reached the point of "paralysis" in trying to decide between the two.  I am hoping objective opinions/ feedback will help. 

First offer is a Weekend Baylor position (Sat/Sun only - work 24/paid for 36) 7a-7p plus a nice bonus. This is for an intermediate care unit. There are covid patients, in fact, a little over 1/2 of the patients were covid patients on the day I toured the unit. I've not worked directly with covid patients. I am not afraid to work with any patient but I  heard/read covid patients demand more as far as care based on their symptomology etc. on top of other patients.  Nurse/patient ratio is 4:1 though it can go to 5:1 then the charge nurse takes patients.

Second offer is a 7 days on 7 days off on call position for a hospice. There is a triage nurse that fields the calls so the visits would only be for deaths/emergent situations/admissions. The census runs between 60-80. It's salaried (more than the hospital by about 6K) plus cell phone and mileage reimbursement which makes it about 10K more than the hospital per year. There is also a bonus though a little less than the hospital. The patient range is 60 miles or less from the office.  The weekends (Fri-Mon a.m. there is a second field nurse and all days there is a back up RN for all positions). I work from home unless I need to make a visit. Hours would be 5p-8a M-Thur then 5p-8a Fri-Mon then off until the following Monday at 5.

Both positions are with nation wide, large companies. Benefits are about the same

I am not a new nurse by an means (over 20 yrs). Worked hospice in the past as an on call nurse (the agency was small and closed about a year after I started). Have worked various units in a hospital setting (all adult) but have not worked in a hospital setting since 2017.  I left the hospital setting for case management/home health which I do not want to remain in.  

I do not have children or a busy social life so overall working weekends is not a huge issue for me, nor is taking call. 

I appreciate any and all advice/feedback. I am new to after someone I use to work with suggested I come here, join and ask for help.


Thanks so much ?





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I would take the hospice job. 5 patients is too much with all the gear, hassle, and acuity of covid. 

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