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  1. Olivelove20

    Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    Williams Shatner is 90 and just flew to space and back. NO ONE is too old to try 🙂
  2. Olivelove20

    I don’t want to work extra!

    Yes, I should've qualified my statement..
  3. I work for a hospice company that really is a good company. They are currently looking to hire an RN for an on call position. It would be 7 days on, 7 days off - meaning FT salary, FT benefits, mileage, cellphone reimbursement working only 14 d...
  4. Olivelove20

    Just Got Hired But Want to Go Per Diem in Order to Travel RN

    I suspect that your new manager will not take kindly to you being hired FT, still on orientation and wanting to drop to PRN simply because you want to travel around. With a year under your belt, agency was always an option. Maybe not ICU but th...
  5. Olivelove20

    Will the BON reapprove our program?

    The student is an idiot for telling the truth and owning up to a mistake? Still no clue what you mean by recertification, BON being involved...maybe contact someone at the BON and ask directly what the status is of what you concerns are.
  6. Olivelove20

    I Am Absolutely Miserable Because I Hate Being A Nurse😩

    I was recently offered a hospital based position (IMCU) weekend option position and an on call position for a hospice. I have decided to go with the hospice position. Not because I am a night owl by any means or think it will be nirvana but I when ...
  7. Olivelove20

    Explaining the Unexplainable

    The article was written by an ER Nurse. How do we explain the unexplainable? Are there words for the things we’ve experienced?
  8. Olivelove20

    Ageism in Nursing?

    The decision to retire or leave nursing now would have more to do with what "nursing" is or has become versus age basis. Fast paced or not, MANY nurses 60 and older can definitely keep up. Not to mention the maturity and experience they bring to...
  9. Olivelove20

    Anyone taken a pay cut for sanity?

    Take the paycut and keep your mental health up. You can always make more money or possibly cut something from your budget but it's much, much more difficult to beat back depression/anxiety, etc.
  10. Olivelove20

    Just Feeling Done With Nursing

    What is NOC?
  11. Olivelove20

    Just Feeling Done With Nursing

    Emergent RN - are you leaving working an ER or another type unit? I have been offered a Baylor Weekend position in a Progressive Care Unit and am really unsure about it. I've been out of the hospital since 2017. I was told the nurse patient ratio is ...
  12. Hello everyone! I have been offered two positions and have reached the point of "paralysis" in trying to decide between the two. I am hoping objective opinions/ feedback will help. First offer is a Weekend Baylor position (Sat/Sun only - ...