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  1. Forced To Change Shifts

    Maybe I'm not understanding your post, but if coworker wants to change from nights to days and is going to ask your Nurse Manager how is this your problem? It isn't. Your coworker is making a lot of assumptions on the fact she has been there a mere ...
  2. Racism in NYC

    You have zero idea what race or ethnicity I am. You are assuming I am white. You state it is not up to white to decide what is racists - just as it is not up to other races to decide what is racists or meant to be racists. It's subjective. And a...
  3. No Jeep, No Love: I'm Out Of Here!

    I wonder where nursing will be in another year or two given so many who are leaving. I too am one of them. Though I am unable to leave the profession completely (and did not prepare as I should have for retirement so I am stuck) I am moving as far to...
  4. Racism in NYC

    Not everything that happens to a person is because of race..sometimes it's the persons perception that is the issue. This person was mean to me therefore it's because I am (fill in the blank) when in essence it could be that some patients/people are ...
  5. LVN vs. ADN

    The primary difference between an LVN and an RN is that the former requires a less formal program. An LPN performs specific medical duties but is not given the same responsibilities as an RN.
  6. Anyone get their Booster yet?

    My spouse had his booster (Pfizer) and had no issues at all.
  7. ‘Patron saint of Patience’ is at end of her rope. Please advise.

    Can your agency not discharge him for non-compliance? Someone has to be writing the orders for the 485 - that is who you can report to but if that physician isn't willing to accept responsibility, then I'd firmly and politely tell your boss someone e...
  8. Where’s the limit to accommodate a patient

    The patient sounds like she has been catered to because of her behavior (which sounds controlling and like an impetulant child throwing a fit) and therefore is in control. On a variety of levels this isn't acceptable. As others have stated, wha...
  9. Shadowing a nurse on another floor/unit? PLEASE HELP.

    If you can't transfer until you have been employed for a year it doesn't really make much sense to shadow now as you are only 4 months in. A lot can change in the next 8 months on the unit you are interested in, including staff and leadership. M...
  10. On-call hospice nurse

    I worked 7 on/7 off in the past and never once did sups visits. I agree w/you - that is something the CM's or day shift nurses should be covering. If they are seeing their patients on a regular basis they should be doing the sup visits as a part of t...
  11. Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    Williams Shatner is 90 and just flew to space and back. NO ONE is too old to try ?
  12. Is it really this bad every where?

    This is exactly why I turned down a recent job offer for IMCU. The information I was provided in the interview did not jive with the information I saw while touring the unit nor from the employees working. I also saw a large amount of trave...
  13. I don’t want to work extra!

    Yes, I should've qualified my statement..
  14. So Happy To Be Out Of Nursing

    Like Tractor Supply, seed and feed type stores.
  15. I don’t want to work extra!

    Don't answer the phone when you are off if it's someone from your job calling. Period. When you are at work and they ask you to stay over, stay if you want, if you don't, be upfront, tell them "sorry, I can't" and leave it at that. It's the Supe...