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I was wondering if anyone has gotten their critical care experience in the CVICU area for CRNA school. I know that it is ICU, but do you get as much invasive monitoring as you would in a Trauma ICU or SICU. The program I am looking at deals with all heart problems, surgeries, and transplants. Please tell what you think.

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I didn't know that... thanks for sharing. Here's a question for you, though: is it possible to get into a CVICU right out of school?

Yea it is. The one I work in hires new grads fairly regularly. I personally went straight from school to a Peds ICU that was level I trauma. I did just as much or more hemodynamic monitoring there as I do now in adult CVICU but in the past it seems that PICU was not looked upon favorably. I'm just glad I got the experience it was great.

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I was offered a new grad spot in CTICU as well. These units usually have high turnover because of nurses going off to CRNA school, so I would assume a new grad has a good chance of getting in. Of course, providing they don't require med/surg experience.

Did any of you go directly to CVICU as ADNs? If so, would you mind sharing the name/names of hospitals that will do this. I am in Boston and most of the BSN grads are having a very difficult time getting into hospitals, let alone a specific unit.

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I did, but that was in NY

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A lot of the places I have talked to prefer CVICU experience. My CVICU gets all of the standard stuff (Hearts, Triple A's, Valve repairs, PV cases, Balloon pumps, VAD's, open chests, multiple codes, tons of drips) but aside from that we also take traumas and about anything else. I would say 80% of the patients in my unit have swans everyday I work. In my opinon, managing a hemodynamically unstable ventilated patient on 15 drips and understanding the mechanism behind what is going on with swan readings and titrating drips accordingly, while managing bleeding and a whole aray of arrythmias would be one of the more difficut things you will find in a hospital. I have worked in both ICU and CVICU and I definately think the CVICU experience would be the most beneficial to you.

Would u guys be willing to share the name of hospitals that would hire new grads in CVICUs please. Please PM me or post it on the board. I am in PA but can relocate anywhere.

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Would u guys be willing to share the name of hospitals that would hire new grads in CVICUs please. Please PM me or post it on the board. I am in PA but can relocate anywhere.

check your PM's



I would be interested in specific names/locations of hospitals that will hire new grads into cvicu please.

When I met with the director of the program at my school (I'm getting my ABSN at the moment), she said that you can work one year in any ICU you can get into, but your second year should be spent in CV/CTICU for the best chance to get in - they require two years ICU experience. I've applied to one hospital that offers a critical care rotation program, which allows new grads to start in any ICU. I also applied to a CCU position and a NSICU position at another hospital. We'll see where I get hired. I've read many places that as long as you know your specialty very well, and have strong knowledge and a good comfort lelvel with vasoactive drips and hemodynamic monitoring, you'll do well in your interviews.

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