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I don't know if I am even posting this on the correct forum, but here it goes anyway. I have found out that our administration is going to make us view a video on customer satisfication. I don't really have a problem with this, but I do have a problem with the fact that the video is 2 HOURS long!! :eek: :eek: I mean, c'mon, how can someone even make a 2 hour video on that subject. Customer satisfication is pretty simple really. The customer is always right. :p :p At least that is what the head honchos tell us. I don't even watch 2 hour movies at home because I just don't have the time. Since I work 12 hour shifts, I will have to come in on my day off to view this movie. Just what I want to do with my time off. Plus, I doubt if anyone has considered how expensive it is going to be to pay everyone in the facility to view this video. It is mandatory for everyone from housekeeping to nursing. The docs will get out of viewing it (which is too bad because some of them could possibly benefit the most from it!). :D :D Kind of blows the theory of "we don't have any money for anything extra around here" because of tight budget constraints. :rolleyes: Well, duh! I wonder why. I guess the only bright side to this is it will be easy money, probably some of the easiest I have made since I became a nurse!:D Thanks for letting me vent. I feel much better now. :) :)


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When we have an unbelievably boring and long video to watch @ work, we just get together and sign the check off list without ever watching the video. Especially easy when you work nights. One of our videos is 3 HOURS LONG. Give me a frickin' break. I have more important things to do with my time.....


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I hope to be able to get away with that tactic also. I have done it before with stupid stuff like that. I have this deep feeling though that the administration will set up specific viewing times and we will be forced to sign in. Then, we will probably be given some stupid test to check our knowledge base. I tell you, they are getting so anal at the facility I work at now. We have 2 newsletters a month we are suppose to read and take a test on. And if we don't have the tests completed, I guess that will be reflected in our evaluations. Then there is our list of assigned cleaning duties for the month. And our administrator wants to know why we can't take a heavier patient load. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am too freakin' busy doing non-nursing crap. Go figure!!


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It is a shame that all the nurses will not band together and refuse to view it. Now that would send a message to those in charge and also would get a lot of respect for the nursing staff.

But like all good little submissive nurses, you will walk in freely without any hesitation, then b**ch and complain with each other after words for a day or two and then do as you are told.

Sad, but true.:o


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Cleaning duties? I thought housekeeping handles cleaning duties?


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You should list your this place on the non nurse friendly list so that everyone knows to avoid it.

This is the kind of stuff you do not find out during an interview.

This kind of crap is why nurses leave.

they do not deserve to benefit from the services we offer if they insist on turning us into housekeepers and wait staff.

That is not what i went to school to become. I could have been a housekeeper or waited on people without a formal education.


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Yes, we have assigned monthly cleaning duties. Some of the assignments are: med room fridge, med room, the nurses' station, exterior of the crash cart, clean and dirty utility room and the list goes on and on. We are responsible for checking the crash cart monthly for expired meds (isn't that what a pharmacy is for?), checking our pantry for outdates and the list goes on and on. Usually, we just sign off that we did it, unless our assigned area is really dirty then we might run a damp cloth over the surface. :D :D

If I find out from this board that other hospitals don't assign "routine" cleaning duties for the nursing staff, I am going to hit the roof!!:( :( This is the only hospital I have worked at since I became a nurse, so I am not sure exactly what other facilities require their nursing staff to do. Sure would be interesting to find out though. Maybe I will start another thread about that topic.

I really like the idea of the nursing staff banding together and refusing to view the video. But, sadly there are some nurses who will decide it is not worth it and just go along with whatever the admininstration dictates. I already have a reputation at my facility for having a hot temper and a stubborn streak. I could just imagine what would happen if I tried to organize a boycott of the video!! :D :D


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Yeah, wild, you're right. That is a great idea. Here's the problem though....I HAVE tried to 'band together' with my fellow nurses before. I HAVE gotten almost my whole unit to go to the administration in protest of some unethical practices at my hospital...TWICE. Know what happened? NOTHING. Even more discouraging is the fact that not all of the nurses were willing to speak up for fear of 'rocking the boat.' I find it's easier now to just LEAVE. It's kind of hard to do all the fighting and be the only one with a spine, you know? You just plain get sick of it. Nurses are historically passive, submissive, people-pleasers, and that's what's gotten us in this horrible mess in the first place. Those of us who are (as Pooh said...:) ) 'stubborn, hot-tempered' boat-rockers and try to rally together our spineless co-workers often find our efforts are in vain. It is quite discouraging. After a while you just stop trying.


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I know. I have been there and I have even watch people disappear out of the corner of my eye when it actually came time to stand up.

What you have said is so true. That is why many nurses have left and many more are planning to leave. You do get sick and tired of it.

The funny and tragic thing is that the only one who will be left are those that will be huddled in the corner, and of course saying why did not anyone do something and why wont someone stick up for us?

If you think about it, it is ironic and fitting that in the long run they will suffer in more ways than one. They will have ever increasing demands as well as higher and higher nurse to patient ratios as their rewards. On top of it pay will continue to decline as the yearly cost of inflation continues to accumulate.

This is the reason I have said several times to myself, it is time to get out and find something else and let them have and suffer with what they insist on holding on to by their very lack of personal actions.:rolleyes:

Now why would a young person looking for a good career with a future choose nursing or for that matter stay for very long if they come in?


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If I find out from this board that other hospitals don't assign "routine" cleaning duties for the nursing staff, I am going to hit the roof

Watch your head on the way up. We are expected to pick up after ourselves, and get rid of unused supplies after a patient is transferred out of our ICU, but our PCA'a and houskeeping are responsible for the other cleaning you mentioned. I have never in my nursing career picked up a mop.

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At our hospital the only staff in house after about 3pm on weekends and 11pm weeknights are nurses. So if we have an admit and no clean beds we have to do it ourselves. I don't think it's right, but that is the way it is.


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I don't mind cleaning up after myself. I don't mind tidying up a pt's room. What I do mind is having assigned cleaning assigments for stuff that should be housekeeping resposibilities! I will wipe up a spill on the floor to prevent an accident from happening, but I do expect housekeeping to come and do the actual cleaning and mopping. Nursing staff should not be responsible for cleaning the utility rooms, the pantry, etc. We should be responsible for keeping our break room neat and our staff fridge. Otherwise, housekeeping should be responsible for general cleaning duties.

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