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Curving in A&P

Are you getting a curve this semester in A&P? If so, how many points? Just wanna compare.

My school's science department just put a "no curving" policy into place this semester. However, we are allowed up to 10 bonus points spread over the semester. Think they're trying to do some weeding out. Anyone else have a program like this?

Without the curve, I'd have a 93.5. Although, I am probably the only person with a legitimate A. The last lecture exam's avg. was a 40 for the class! Is my class incredibly poor or is this common?

9livesRN, BSN, RN

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no curving for my classes

no curving here either....you earn what you earn. No more, no less.

polka-dot, RN

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no curving for mine either. But there was a really easy extra credit project...so that helps.

No curve. As far as I know they don't curve at community colleges

in my state. I'm not sure why anyone would want to curve a course like a&p when just about anyone who takes it is going into a health care profession and actually needs to know the stuff.

It depends on professor. Some curve, others give extra points. My professor would curve sometimes, but not very much. He would curve about 2 points or so. But he would help you during the test if you have studied. Not in the lab though.

No curve and no bonus points here.

The last lecture exam's avg. was a 40 for the class! Is my class incredibly poor or is this common?

It's not just your class, I've seen the same situation in ALL of my higher level science classes (A&P I & II, Micro).

Wow! I thought our exam averages were low (in the low 70s). No real extra credit, save for an extra credit question on the last two exams (not on the first one, though). However, this last exam's EC question was something we did not cover in class, and it was not in the text either. The test itself was also really hard. I'm praying that's I'm able to hang on to an A in here. Oh..this is A&P II, by the way, which I'm finding is taught in a significantly more brutal way.

9livesRN, BSN, RN

Specializes in SNU/SNF/MedSurg, SPCU Ortho/Neuro/Spine.

see when I had A&P I & II, there were not many students in the class, so we got really close, and would help each other a whole lot!!!

then before test taking we would divide in 2 groups, 1 that liked silence, would stay in the class, and we would go out and kinda talk about the subject, quizz each other, and things like that, and when it was test time, they would buzz our cell phone so we could go back!!!

the lowest in the whole class was a B, because we all got on it together, when I missed lab, 2 of them would stay a couple of hours after class with me just making sure that i would understand, the brain, and the heart!!! .

so i guess by doing that, we did not need any curve, nor extra credit! i finished A&P I with a 98.9 % and A&P II with a 94.5%

No curves but we can get bonus points, which doesn't happen too often.

Nepenthe Sea

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No curve in our class, either. She explained that the first day, saying "would you want someone taking care of your family members, knowing they only passed A&P with a curve?" (At our junior college, a huge percentage of students are nursing or allied health majors). She also said it was scary how many doctors make C's in A&P.

We get a bonus question worth up to 4 or 5 points on each exam, and we get to write a paper about a disease of a body system we have covered this semester that will add two points to our Final grade. I don't know our class average, but I know most people aren't doing well. I have quit asking people what they make on tests. One woman in my class said that when she was picking up her last graded exam that she saw SEVERAL 20's!!

LOL! No curving at my school. That would sure be nice, though.


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My teacher is very odd. We had a test that was 111 questions and 90 and up was an A. He does stuff like this all the time and it doesn't make sense to me how he curves it. But you are allowed to miss 21 points and still get an A.... :confused:

My A&P teacher had a modified grading scale- 85 and up was an A, 75 and up a B, etc. No other curving.

But he was a really hard teacher and expected a LOT on the tests, so I think an 85 from him is a legitimate A. I learned a lot from his class.

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