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Current lpn pay ???

I'm about to attack Lpn school head on next year but have heard so many negative things about becoming an Lpn first. Everyone says go straight to RN but I have bills and a beautiful new baby so it's best for me to do it steps. I'm currently a dental assistant and I've heard that I'll probably make less as an Lpn. So I wanted some input on pay in the Ft.Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach area. Thanks in advance!!

didi768 specializes in VA, Ortho, Med/Surg.

Hi, I've been an LPN for 29 yrs. I was just hired at a SNF for 21.50 working weekend days. I went in to do the paperwork but pulled out due to FEAR of nursing home work. All the constant passing of pills. I just can't do it. I worked as a new grad at the Minneapolis VA Hospital back in 1987 and left in 2000. Since moving to FL, I've done mostly pediatric home care. I'm not interested in that anymore either. Thinking of getting out of nursing all together but can't figure out what else to do that will make the same kind of money. My advice is to bite the bullet and just get your 4 yr. RN out of the way NOW. I so regret not doing that then when my mind was young and sharp. In FL at least, the hospitals don't even HIRE LPN's anymore.

Move to NJ, my rate is $27 an hour. 2 years experience. Starting RN bridge this summer, only 2 semesters. And similar bridge to BSN after that. I think it's worth LPN then RN, depending on your situation. If you want to start making money in 1 year instead of 4. Only difference to me is the little intermission between programs. Which I have enjoyed. Just can't get comfortable as an LPN and forget to go back to school!

I first started in Nebraska on an Indian reservation making $16/hr doing LTC. Now I work for the federal government in the southwest making about $18 with awesome benefits.

I just started a job after 4 years of not using my LPN license and I work in ALC/Memory Care and they start LPNs off at $22/hr I am on the SW side of KC

$21-$24 in the Orlando area with 12 years of LPN experience.

The new grads around here get anywhere between $16-18 depending on where they go.

New Grad Lpn Queens, New York.

Offered $25 Pediatric HomeCare, straight out of nursing school. LTC agency's offer $25 - $27 Nursing Home.

Starting my pre requisites tomorrow. Then off to LPN to RN.

I still believe it's a cheaper, easier route for me.

Lpn program was 13 thousand, LPN to RN Bridge will be 12thousand. My RN will cost 25 thousand. Compared to 50 thousand RN private NYC PROGRAMS, that hardly no one graduates from, or the school is disorganized forcing students to retake classes. Take your time, No Rush. You will get there.

Best NYC


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