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itz_klove has 2 years experience.

My mother is a nurse, my grandma was a nurse, and numerous aunts are nurses. it runs in my blood. it was the first thing i can remember wanting to be when i grew up. other kids wanted to be doctors, i wanted to be a nurse.

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  1. itz_klove

    There is hope as long as you are living

    Congratulations. Happy to hear your success story.
  2. itz_klove

    Helene Fuld College Attendance

    Congratulations, I am enrolled in the Lpn - Rn portion of the program. I am taking Med Surg 1 now. I agree with you, Take as many prerequisites as you can now, to lighten your load. The generic BSN program is fairly new. Keep us posted on your progress
  3. itz_klove

    Helene Fuld

    Hello, I am also a student here at Helene Fuld. I’m taking Nursing 221 ( Med Surg 1 ) at the college now. I must say, to listen to the previous post. She is correct when she said “do not take nursing courses with prerequisite courses”. I was one of those students that took a nursing course with a prerequisite course and failed. I failed the nursing course, but passed the Anatomy course. So now here I am, retaking nursing 221. And for some reason everything is clicking now. Passing here at the college is a 78%, actually 77.5% because of the rounding up system. Yes, the course is 10 weeks long, which seems like a lot of time but is not when you have three exams plus the finals +4 quizzes plus care plans. Its doable though, I have classmates from my LPN program that graduated from Helene Fuld and are signed up for bachelor program, and also other friends that are getting ready to graduate as well. Honestly, if you put your mind to it, just like anything else you’ll pass. We all know nursing is not easy. OK how do I study. After every Lecture, I read the PowerPoint once i get home. Just to reinforce the information. Also, Helene Fuld will offer you the online textbook to the course. When I first took nursing 221 ( Med surg )I paid for the online book over $200. I hated it. So I ended up buying the older edition to the textbook for $20 on Amazon. However,Well let me say the good thing about the online textbook is the textbook reads to you, it has videos, you can print important pages. So what I do is, I sign in to the online textbook, and make it read to me, while I follow in the older edition book which has the exact same information with my high lighter . I highlight all important information. After I do that, and I understand the material, I read my Saunders RN Nclex book, And answer all the questions from there. Then, I answer all the questions from my MedSurg success book it’s a purple book. Then I read over the power points again. Yes, I work full time nights at A nursing home. Maybe I can study for a hour and a half while there. I studied for 4hours during the day as well. And for the most part I’m doing pretty fine in the course. One thing with nursing school you never know, you just always on the edge with your grades. But I can say, if you really want to get your RN degree in one year or year and a half- do it. I recommend it, I’m doing it. Just my only recommendation, do not take a prerequisite course with the nursing course. however I do know people that passed - but they passed by the skin of their teeth. My union is paying - I have 1199 - so that’s another reason why I am here at Helene Fuld. We are all adults, we know its going to be rough. But we will make it. Let me know if you have any questions
  4. NYC, starting pay $25hr, plenty of work here. Just the cost of living is higher, ex Rent ..... We have Plenty of nurses that live in NJ, or Pennsylvania where it's cheaper, that commute here for work... Best Wishes
  5. itz_klove

    How much do you make 2016

    New Grad Lpn Queens, New York. Offered $25 Pediatric HomeCare, straight out of nursing school. LTC agency's offer $25 - $27 Nursing Home. Best NYC
  6. itz_klove

    Current lpn pay ???

    New Grad Lpn Queens, New York. Offered $25 Pediatric HomeCare, straight out of nursing school. LTC agency's offer $25 - $27 Nursing Home. Starting my pre requisites tomorrow. Then off to LPN to RN. I still believe it's a cheaper, easier route for me. Lpn program was 13 thousand, LPN to RN Bridge will be 12thousand. My RN will cost 25 thousand. Compared to 50 thousand RN private NYC PROGRAMS, that hardly no one graduates from, or the school is disorganized forcing students to retake classes. Take your time, No Rush. You will get there. Best NYC
  7. itz_klove

    Beginning LPN program...Eep nervous!?

    How you survived lpn school
  8. itz_klove

    veeb lpn 2015

    Should I get a Rolling Bookbag
  9. itz_klove

    veeb lpn 2015

    Im Ready Reading first few chapters of books!!!!! Just Need to get some school supplies Anyone else????? Keep the conversation going, don't be nervous now. What's ment to be, must be right!! Future Nurses So let's post.......
  10. itz_klove

    veeb lpn 2015

    If you are like me, planning on going to work and go to school you must have a plan. I break my entire week down by the hour and have goals for things that need to get done each day. I am nowhere near the smartest person, but I am one of the hardest working. Don't feel that a full time job and school can't be done because you aren't some super genius. You just have to ask yourself "how bad do you want it?" And what are you willing to sacrifice to get it. Best of luck to all of Us!
  11. itz_klove

    veeb lpn 2015

    My uniform came in the mail also.... Surprised at how perfect they fit, being that I guessed my size. And the soo called sweater, wish it was a little heavier. The material of the scrubs, easy wash and line dry.. Quick Question Everyone, Who's planning on working and going to school??? I am, ill be working nights in Port Washington_ doing absolutely nothing!!! But studying Please, don't be discouraged to post The worst thing, is to be in school_ worrying about the bills at home....
  12. itz_klove

    veeb lpn 2015

    Hey Everyone How's your summer packet coming along??
  13. itz_klove

    veeb lpn 2015

    I need a good pair of nursing shoes Was thinking about buying it online, then changed my mind
  14. itz_klove

    veeb lpn 2015

    Hey, Im in Rosedale
  15. itz_klove

    veeb lpn 2015

    So Whats on Your Back To School List Computer, Roll Bookbag, 5 Star Book, or Binder??
  16. itz_klove

    veeb lpn 2015

    Nellabella I'm in 2 C also so I have these formulas memorized

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